Monday, May 12, 2008

scav! <3

...scav is over, and i've gotten a good night of sleep for the first time since last tuesday night.

the hunt went amazingly. as most of you know, i scavved for GASH--the shiny, new Graduate and Alumni ScavHunt team--this year. we were a small team this year...we had a core of twenty or so hardcore scavvies who did a bunch of the items, many of whom had graduated the u(c), and scavved for other teams. some people even brought their friends from other school...people who had never experienced the insanity of the Hunt, but were ready to give it a shot. we had the best headquarters ever: a storefront along 55th street that was rented to our team for the four days of the hunt.

i was on the roadtrip team this year. the roadtrip concentrated on items in towns throughout Kansas. some of the towns were fantastic.

Lucas, KS was my favourite, definitely. it was an artsy little town, with awesome things like the world's largest collection of the world's smallest versions of the world's largest things [which has the sweetest curator ever!], the Grassroots Art Center, and the garden of eden. i need to go back there and hang out for a's absolutely adorable.

my least favourite place we went was Junction City, KS. it just felt like a really depressed military town. luckily we only had two items there so we weren't there for very long...but i'll be perfectly happy never going there again.

more road trip stuff will be up here soon...when i have more time.

we ended up finishing were the final results:
1. Snitchcock
2. Palevsky
3. B-J
4. MacPierce
5. Shoreland
6. GASH <3
8. Broadview
9. Broover

fifth through seventh were very close. we beat the FIST [who had finished third in the last three hunts] by less than 100 points, and Shoreland only beat us by about 120.

i'm really proud of our team. we rocked the roadtrip, and the items that we had enough people and time to do we did WELL. i'm definitely taking vacation days next year right around scav weekend...i can't miss the hunt again, and i can't wait to scav again with GASH.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Woohoo! Go us!

I'm going to post the two videos, of duct taping and road trip, as well as pictures, soon. I'll send out a mass email so you'll know.

Have a safe and temporary trip back to STL!

World's Largest Things, Inc. said...

THANKS for coming through Lucas! Had a great time meeting you guys... I'm still trying to figure out an appropriate display for the World's Smallest Version of the World's Largest Scav Hunts I received... Comebacksoon!!!

xo-Erika, Director,