Saturday, May 24, 2008


full of win:
  • being back in chicago: enough said. it's marvelous.
  • trevelyn: he gave me a shell on his server and installed an IRC program on it, so i can chat on IRC from there. therefore, i don't have to worry about Comcast being full of IRC-related fail anymore. thank rock. :)
  • the new Indiana Jones movie: was it great cinema? of course not. but, was it a fun movie? you bet. Indiana Jones is a nerd superhero, and Marion is just plain feisty. sure, all that UFO crap was just stupid. but, most of the movie was awesome--chase scenes, fight scenes, and the best thing of all: dancing KGB agents! who doesn't love dancing KGB agents?
  • the national high school quiz bowl tournament: sure, i'm not in quiz bowl, and i'm not going to the tournament at all. but, it meant that two of my friends who don't live in chicago are in town for the weekend. i got to see one of them yesterday, and get to see the other one tomorrow. therefore...awesome.

full of fail:
  • starting my bar review class on tuesday: i just graduated from law school. the last thing i want to do is go to class. i'm not in the mood for more studying. at least it's not as bad as it could be: i'm in an afternoon section, not a morning one, so my classes meet from 1:30-5:00. i can sleep until a reasonable hour, do my reading, and get to class. but,'s class. it's law class. do not want.
  • my lack of blog updates: this problem should be rectified when my bar review class starts. it will give me something from which to procrastinate...and blogging is one of the best-ever ways of procrastinating, right?

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