Friday, May 30, 2008

a beautiful night

barbri was terrible yesterday, but everything after was wonderful.

i discovered the coolest intersection ever when i was walking to dinner. i was meeting my friend up in river north...which is a nice walk from the southwest loop, where my barbri class is. instead of walking north up some street i knew well [wells, lasalle, one of the usual suspects], i decided to walk up north on clinton instead. it had normal urban office buildings for a couple of blocks and then started to become more and more industrial in character. finally, at fulton, you couldn't really walk north on it became mostly train tracks. so, i turned down fulton and took canal instead.

just north of fulton and canal was an absolute gem of an intersection. it wasn't an intersection with a, it was an intersection with three or four train tracks, cutting diagonally across the road. i've seen a million street-track intersections, obviously, but this one was breathtaking. on the southeast edge of the intersection, you could see the trains go up or down into what appeared to be oblivion. really, it was just lower level tracks for them to go down into Ogilvie, which is a few blocks south of that intersection. but, standing on Canal and watching the trains go by, it looked like the westbound trains were emerging from the ground, and the eastbound trains were disappearing into the ground. i need to go back there another day at rush hour and take some pictures of made me so sad that i didn't have my camera with me yesterday.

afterwards, i met up with some friends for dinner...including one friend who i've known for almost eight years, but hadn't actually seen in person for about three. he's in town this summer, so i'll get to see him quite a bit...which makes me so happy. i missed him a lot. he's hilariously sarcastic, and a blast to hang out with. it was a great dinner: the three of us exchanging stories and jokes over fish, chips, smithwick's, and guinness.

after dinner we went for ice cream, and then met a bunch of people for karaoke at friar tuck. it was nice...far less busy than karaoke there usually is. this was fantastic, because it meant that i got to do four songs: goodbye earl, bohemian rhapsody, my heart will go on, and bring me to life. i got to see some people i hadn't seen since last summer, i got to meet some new people, and i got to drink in a bar that looks like a big old beer barrel from the outside.

i got home last night feeling just plain good...okay, a little drunk as well, but really good. there's really not a whole lot else to say about it, but it was one of those nights out that, despite the fact it was long, really invigorated me and made me feel really, really good to be alive.

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