Saturday, May 03, 2008 least i have my crack, i mean internet, back?!

dear Charter,

you suck. a lot.

the internet went down a few hours ago. it was clearly a problem with my cable, as my cable tv had gone down too. it was clearly a problem on your end. so, i called you to see what was up.

your automated system said it was a problem with my modem.

your tech-support guy said it was a problem with my modem, insisted that there was not a cable outage in my area, and told me the only thing he could do would be to set up an appointment with a dude to come fix my modem.

now, it's three hours later...and my internet and cable are back up. i didn't do anything to my modem. of course, the problem was on your end. i was right, and your tech support guys were wrong.

acid and vitriol,
the persecuted crack smoker


Brad Carter said...

I hated Charter so much when I lived there. Their service went down all the time, and if I'd call tech support they'd make me reboot my modem, my router, bypass the router, reboot everything again, etc. We'd spend an hour on the phone before they decided it wasn't my fault and they'd send someone out.

I learned to complain about the cable TV instead of the internet. That way we could skip the troubleshooting and they'd just send someone right out to fix it.

Hopefully internet will be nicer for you in Chicago.

nicolle said...

i hope so...although i hear from my soon-to-be-roommates that Comcast has been failing miserably at providing reliable internet service. hopefully they get back on track, but i'm pessimistic.