Thursday, March 27, 2008

what would you do?

pop quiz!

you are Adolphus Busch V. you are seventeen years old, and related to some fairly well-known local beer magnates. it's a tuesday night, and you and your friends are bored. what do you do?

A. make plans for a party on Friday or Saturday, and then call it a night.
B. get some half-decent beer, go out to the middle of nowhere, and drink.
C. stay in a residential area, be really, really loud, drink Natty Light, and get busted by the cops for underage drinking.

if you answered A or B, you probably have a little bit of grey matter or a little bit of common sense. if you answered C, you're as much of a moron as the real Adolphus Busch V.


trevelyn said...

what about D. stay at home and study Unix system Administration. ?

nicolle said...

well, that would have gotten him in far less trouble. :)