Saturday, March 08, 2008

the MPRE: part deux.

i took the MPRE again this morning. [for all you non-law people, the MPRE is a multiple choice test on legal ethics that's required in most states--including Illinois, so i'm stuck having to take it.] i took the test in November and failed it. i studied a lot harder this time...but i can't say i feel a whole lot better about the actual test. i feel a little better, but not appreciably so. i still felt like i was guessing on just about all the questions.

i can't deal with close questions of legal ethics being boiled down to multiple choice questions. it confuses the heck out of me. it also goes against the spirit of the ethical rule allowing you to consult with another lawyer and disclose confidential information to discuss a close question of legal ethics...clearly they recognize the need to confer with others on certain questions, and exercise a level of professional judgment. so, they need to either make the MPRE treat only clear questions of legal ethics in that multiple choice format, or better yet make it sufficient to practice if we took a professional ethics course in law school. ethics classes have the freedom to require an essay final instead of a multiple choice test like this, and are a better format to get us thinking about close questions of legal ethics in a meaningful, enlightening manner.

now that this stupid test is over, however, spring break can begin in earnest. since they're really slow at grading it, i don't get my score for five if i fail it again, it will mess with my head right before finals instead of casting a pall on this lazy, lazy week.


Anonymous said...

you shouldn't have failed the first time!

nicolle said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. :-P