Thursday, March 20, 2008

more news that crack smokers can use

certain items that aren't normally green are customarily dyed green for st. patrick's day. we've seen green beer, green hair, and those creepy old shamrock shakes. even some things that are normally green get greener in the spirit of the holiday: case in point, the Chicago River.

however, some folks in Marietta, Ohio have outdone themselves. a group of crack dealers was caught on monday selling green crack to the police:

i've got to hand it to you, you clever band of small-town crack dealers, for getting into the holiday spirit. it's a great marketing ploy, putting a little extra fun in that extremely addictive drug you're peddling. hopefully a few more enterprising crack dealers will obtain a competitive advantage by following that trail you blazed, and making more fun coloured crack for special occasions. but you? it's not going to be you, at least not for a few years.

you closed a contract to confer your clever celtic crack upon the cops, they caught you, and they confiscated your colourful cocaine concoction.

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