Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i'm officially ashamed to be human.

i know i've said several times before that we've reached the bottom of the television barrel. be it in this blog or just in casual conversation, i've referred to many shows as being as low as reality television could fall. rendezview? cheaters? moment of truth? forgive me, for i have misinformed all of you. none of those comes even close.

the bottom of the barrel is I Know My Kid's A Star.

it's a new reality show on VH1; i just saw the preview for it tonight after Flavor of Love. it's a talent search for a child star. that's bad enough. adults can make their own choice as to whether or not to whore themselves off on a reality show in return for a shot at those crucial fifteen minutes of fame. but, kids? they can't make that choice on their own...it takes a pushy stage parent.

which leads me to my second gripe about that show. there was a scene in which the host proclaimed that they were not only looking for a child with star quality, but for a parent with the drive to manage their child's career. i really don't approve of a parent managing a child star's career in the first place. not only may the parent not be too knowledgeable about show business, but the parent should be in the role of overseeing the child's showbiz career and putting the manager in check if he or she tries to push the child too hard. the person searching for stardom and the person keeping the forces of hollywood in check should not be the same person. if they're looking for a "parent with the drive to manage," that can really only mean they're looking for one kind of parent: the stereotypical pageant mom. they're looking for a kid whose parent is willing to push their kid, at all costs, to be a star. they're looking for a parent who is willing to live her own failed ambitions at stardom vicariously through her kid. i'm not okay with a show that encourages that, or even purports to encourage that.

then, there's the third part. the part that confused me. the part i was not willing to believe until i looked the show up on IMDB. the host of this wonderful paragon of television? danny bonaduce.

you mean to tell me that the same guy who was, not long ago, going on drunken rages on Breaking Bonaduce is now hosting a show with kids? you mean to tell me that the same former child star who is now a washed-up, dried-out alcoholic is now hosting a show that is encouraging pushy pageant mommies to parade their little puppets on television, in hopes of managing the next child star?


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Anonymous said...

I was involved with this show (I won't say how), but if you do watch it, you will see that Bonaduce's underlying message is, "Keep your kids out of Hollywood." Even though it is disguised as a talent competition, it is really meant as a cautionary tale. He goes into detail about his own nightmare as a child star and what happens when the power shifts in a family when the child is making more money than the parents.