Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...i was just trying to run an errand.

i went out to run an errand tonight, and it was my weirdest venture out of my apartment in a very long time.

first, i got to the skinker metro station. i hadn't heard anything funny because i was listening to the wonderful bucket podcast on my ipod. all of a sudden i see two wackenhut guards. that in itself isn't odd, because they're always around to guard the stations. but, one of them is screaming at the top of his lungs, and slammed his box of metrolink ticket forms onto the ground as hard as he could. that made a very loud crashing noise, since tickets are stored in metal boxes. he was screaming something about how that eastbound train, which had just left the station, should have held for him. the other guard was trying to calm him down.

this was bizarre. if it were something serious on that train, you'd think one or both of those guards would be on a phone or a walkie-talkie, calling their fellow guards at the next station down the line. if it weren't something serious, and the guy just cared that much about his job, you'd think he'd be a little more professional about it. i was curious, and about to take off my ipod and eavesdrop. but, since that would be rude at best and suspicious at worst, i decided to keep my ipod on and walk away.

that turned out to be a good choice. i heard him hurl that ticket box down three more times in the next few minutes. i still don't know what was wrong, but i do know there's a guard with a serious anger management problem who is guarding my local train station.

you'd think that would be enough weirdness for one silly little errand trip. you'd be wrong.

i'm standing at best buy, looking at some stuff for my computer. i'm not wearing anything particularly fact, i look pretty darn dishevelled because honestly, i don't care that much how i look when i'm running errands. this random guy about my age walks up to me while i'm comparing the virtues of various computer peripherals, and the following exchange ensues:

random dude: excuse me.
me: yes?
random dude: are you...umm...with anyone?
me: with anyone?
random dude: yeah, like either way. are you here with any of them? [points to random guys looking at other computer peripherals]
me: i don't know what you mean by either way, but no, i'm not here with any of those guys over there.
random dude: are you with anyone at all? i mean, i'm newly back on the market, and i just couldn't leave here without asking if you were available.
me: no, no i'm not seeing anyone, but i don't want to 'cause i'm leaving town really soon.
random dude: aw man! alright...i just had to ask. [walks away.]

he wasn't particularly skeezy, and i have to tip my hat to him for not invading my personal space and for walking away as soon as it was obvious that i had shot him down. but, still. it was a very weird encounter.

luckily, the ride home wasn't nearly so weird in comparison. on the train ride home i saw a dude with the worst case of meth-mouth i'd ever seen...but that's far less weird than any of that other stuff, especially because missouri is the meth capital of the country.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Wow, you got hit on buying computer peripherals at a Best Buy. Was it a SCSI dildo perchance that you were shopping for?

nicolle said...

hahaha...that would have been far too perfect, but nope, no scsi dildo, or even scsi anything.

i was looking at probably one of the least sexy computer products ever: RAM cards.

s. said...

RAM cards are waaaayyyyy sexy.

you and i both got hit on this week. karina's by some dude in best buy. go us?