Sunday, March 23, 2008

i want to break my iPod.

my iPod, the electronic doo dad that has brought me so much joy since i bought it last summer, is now providing me nothing but grief.

it started around the middle of spring break. i plugged my iPod in to sync with my computer, because i wanted to load the latest episode of the Savage Lovecast. i plug it in, sync it up, grab my iPod, head out the door...and notice that there are no files whatsoever that i can play on my iPod. this is worrisome, since between songs and podcasts i have a good seventeen or eighteen gigabytes of stuff i can listen to. when i get home that evening, i restored my iPod to factory settings, re-synced my files...and they worked. phew. disaster averted.

but, not averted for long, obviously, or else i wouldn't be writing this. things worked fine for about a week and a half, until friday morning. thursday night i plugged my iPod back into my computer so i could charge it, update my podcasts, and put some shiny new music on it. i plug it in and leave it for the night so it charges up. i unplug it the next morning, check the content...and there it went again. nothing. there was none of my old music there, none of my new music, none of my podcasts, nothing. that was frustrating, as i had to take the buses to the greyhound station at 5 in the morning, and that's almost impossible to do without music to keep me awake.

i got to the greyhound station, checked in for my bus, got into line, and pulled out my computer. i tried again to sync my iPod. there wasn't anything i could do with respect to updating the software, because the skeezy st. louis greyhound station does not have a wireless connection, and is not close enough to anything modern enough to give off a stray wireless connection. i restored the iPod to factory settings, synced it while i waited for my hour-late bus, turned it on...and no dice. even after restoring it and syncing it, i had nothing on there.

so, not only do i have an iPod on the fritz, but i had a seven hour bus ride, plus an hour and a half cta ride, with no music. that made me a grumpy nicky.

i had no time to start addressing the problem again until last night. i updated the software on my iPod, restored the settings, and tried again to sync it. i left it to run overnight, checked it this morning...and it had a few files on there. it didn't have everything, or nearly everything. just a few songs. and, on the iPod screen where it says how full the iPod is, it said i had eighteen gigs of "other files", and no music files...which was clearly wrong.

i could think of one other thing that could be screwy, and was within my power to fix. my iTunes software was not current...maybe that would raise a compatibility issue with the updated iPod software? i tried to update it...and it would not complete. i ended up having to delete iTunes from my computer and re-install it. luckily, my computer had saved all my playlists, play counts, and podcast subscriptions, so i didn't have to redo all that. i was afraid i'd have to, and not looking forward to that annoyance. that's about the only thing that has gone right in this whole frustrating iSaga.

now...i'm waiting. my files are syncing again, from my now-updated iTunes program to my yet-again-reset iPod. if it works, i'll be pleased, since i'll have things to listen to on the bus ride back to st. louis tonight. if it doesn't work, i'll be at a loss for things to do, and desperate for anything that will prevent my once-shiny iPod from becoming a $400 paperweight.

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Eric Allix Rogers said...

Ouch, iPod failure is a miserable experience. I've never had that specific problem. Since it can see that it has files on it, it doesn't sound like a hardware problem, but for some reason it sounds like the software has forgotten what kinds of files it knows how to open. Hopefully updating iTunes will fix the problem.