Thursday, March 13, 2008

a beautiful afternoon.

this afternoon was an awesome afternoon.

i went down to the loop just to wander. i've been doing that a lot lately, but today my heart was really in it. i got some sushi for lunch, at Seki...i love going there for lunch. it's never busy, and you get the same sushi they serve at dinner for half the price. it's a good place to sit, have some good food, and relax. i brought my book, and read it.

i then went across the street to Baton, a little music store. i didn't end up buying anything...but i'd be a liar to say i wasn't tempted. they had a lot of musical instruments...horns, clarinets, guitars, name it, it was probably lurking somewhere. if i had a lot of money, i'd probably spend a good bit of it on musical instruments. i'm not good at playing them due to my sorely lacking finger coordination, but i'm fascinated by them.

after browsing there, i went down the street to a cafe, to have some coffee and finish my book. i went to Boosters, which is on Melville just off of Delmar, right between Blue Hill and the smoothie place. i sipped some coffee, and eventually tried a bowl of soup. the special for the day was tomato and roasted red pepper soup. i had never had that kind, but it sounded amazing. was. it was fabulous. if you live in st. louis, you really need to drop by Boosters and hope that it's a day when they're serving this as their soup of the day. i'm in love.

finally i went down to Vintage Vinyl. i got three albums that i had been meaning to pick up: ...A Better View of the Rising Moon by 1997, New Miserable Experience by Gin Blossoms, and Becoming I by Unloco. i also picked up two random albums out of the bargain bin that looked just plain weird. no need to identify them here...but i'm going to be writing entries about them in my other blog very soon, so check it out there if you're curious. one of them i grabbed for the weird band name and album art; the other was chosen for the weird album title. needless to say, each of them will either contain surprisingly good music, or be hilariously bad.

all in all, it was a good, relaxing afternoon. it's exactly what spring break days should be.


Kevin said...

So you're not only a music geek, but a vinyl geek as well. That's fairly awesome.

nicolle said...

nah...actually, i'm just a garden-variety music geek. that's just the name of the store...but they also sell CDs. i don't have a record player. :(