Saturday, March 15, 2008

кричать. кричать. пусть он разберется.1

the greatest Weird Link To My Blog that i've seen in a while was not actually to this one, but to my other one, supergig. somebody used google translator to translate one of my posts a few weeks ago [a song-of-the-day blurb about "Shout 2000" by Disturbed] into Russian.

i don't know if someone was doing it for giggles, or if some Russian-speaking Disturbed fan actually stumbled across supergig. either way, it's fantastic.

1 i'm hoping Google Translate didn't give me something completely obscene or stupid, because i definitely don't speak Russian. it's supposed to say "shout. shout. let it all out." if you know Russian, and know whether that's exactly what my title text means or not, please tell me.

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