Monday, March 31, 2008


Best. Pickup. Line. Ever.

if someone even only somewhat attractive said that to me, i'd totally sleep with them. silly pickup lines made really, really nerdy are hot.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

iHave an iPod, and other stories

things that make me happy:

  • having a functional iPod again. i'm sure you all remember my little rant last weekend about my iPod refusing to sync up with all the music i had on my computer. that made walking around and taking the bus this week really, really boring; i've become so accustomed to being able to listen to music and podcasts on the bus. after negotiation class today i went to the apple store in the mall to talk to a tech. i told the tech all the stuff i did last weekend, and how it was to no avail. the tech was amazed that i had actually tried to fix it. he checked to make sure it was on warranty still [it was.], and just gave me a new iPod. that was it. it was quick, easy, and painless. i hooked it up to my computer, booted iTunes...and now, i've got an iPod with all my music on it again. [squee!]
  • this video. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:
  • vitamin water. the fact that there is now a vitamin water machine in the law school is bad news, because i keep buying the tasty stuff. it's so refreshing. it's so expensive...but the fruit punch-flavoured "revive" water tastes wonderful.
  • boomshine. it's the most addictive flash game ever. i started playing it last year, and played until i lost the link to it a few months ago. i rediscovered it today linked off of something else, and i had forgotten how mesmerizing it can be to watch all the chain reactions of exploding, colourful dots. it's simple, tricky, and impossible to stop playing.
  • the fact that i'm leaving for minneapolis in only four days.
things that don't make me happy:
  • being tired from a thirteen-hour weekend class.
  • knowing that i'm going to be inundated with work through wednesday.

turing test

wow. today's Dilbert strip was the first hilarious one i've seen in months.

a barely legal reflection

barely legal is over.

this makes me really sad. i always feel that way after a performance...after working so hard to get everything just right, it's suddenly over. i feel especially sad about this, though. it's my last barely legal. it was so much fun to be in, so funny to watch the other skits...and now it's done.

furthermore...i felt better about my role in barely legal than i've felt about anything i've done in a long time. usually i'm so nervous, unsure, and self-deprecating about things i do. i never feel quite right about them.

not last night. i felt really good about my role. i haven't felt so confident about myself and my abilities in years. sure, i've faked it every so often, but this was the real deal. i actually felt sure of myself, for's a really foreign feeling. i like it, though, and hope i experience it again soon.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

good bracket fortune

i was just checking my bracket...and somehow, despite the Duke Debacle [which i'm still really sad about...], i got all the other teams in my Elite Eight correct. i nailed Davidson, Kansas, Louisville, UNC, Memphis, Texas, and UCLA.

i don't think i've ever gone 7/8 in picking an Elite Eight before. i'm pretty proud of this.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

what would you do?

pop quiz!

you are Adolphus Busch V. you are seventeen years old, and related to some fairly well-known local beer magnates. it's a tuesday night, and you and your friends are bored. what do you do?

A. make plans for a party on Friday or Saturday, and then call it a night.
B. get some half-decent beer, go out to the middle of nowhere, and drink.
C. stay in a residential area, be really, really loud, drink Natty Light, and get busted by the cops for underage drinking.

if you answered A or B, you probably have a little bit of grey matter or a little bit of common sense. if you answered C, you're as much of a moron as the real Adolphus Busch V.

bizarro world

sad news: batman whooped Wesley Willis' ass.

your mission, if you choose to accept it? whoop Batman's ass by googling Wesley's name. a lot.


field trip

this is freaking sweet.

Davidson is in the Sweet Sixteen. the trustees of the college are funding a bus trip, as well as hotel reservations and game tickets, for any students who want to go up to Detroit this weekend to go watch the team play this weekend.

is that the best way for a college to spend a large chunk of money? debatable. but is it awesome, and will it do a lot to foster school spirit and basketball mania? you bet. i love it.


alright...this is a heads up to all you mockers as well as all of my friends who live in the Twin Cities.

April 3-6, i'm going to be in Minneapolis for Gold Flight! ::dances:: so, if you're going to be at the tournament, tell me! if you're in town and want to harass me, tell me that too!

that was a lot of exclamation points, but i'm really, really excited about this trip. i haven't been to the wonderful Twin Cities since the Pirate Party in September, and i haven't been to Gold since 2006 when it was last in Des Moines.

[yeah, i know, that only means i've missed one year, but that's the only year i've missed between 2002 and now. that's a big deal to me.]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

today's Rickrolling update

this just in: Rick Astley is pro-Rickrolling!

[and, no. the link is NOT a Rickroll, unless you count an article about an interview with Rick Astley as a Rickroll.]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


brought to you by the friendly folks at i can has cheezburger and i has a hot dog, we have a repository of something other than lolcats, lolruses, loldogs, and the rest of the lolmenagerie.

presenting: graphjam!

i'm sure you've seen the graphs making fun of songs, and completely dorkifying every song that has ever been on the radio. now, there is an ever-expanding repository of such graphs!

this is my favourite one i've seen so far that i hadn't seen before spelunking on graphjam:

oh, the lulz.


i was reading one of the newest members of my illustrious blogroll today, Awesome/Not Awesome. it's a hilarious blog, covering things that are awesome and things that are not awesome.

anyway, it posted a link to something that would definitely only happen in Utah: root beer pong. that's right. college students at Utah State have organized beer pong tournaments with root beer instead of actual beer.

it's called beer pong for a reason. it's not soft drink pong or sarsaparilla pong. this is heresy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

this town: i hate it.

i lived on the south side of chicago for five years. sure, hyde park wasn't the toughest neighbourhood, far from it, but there were plenty of sketchy things that went on along that fifty-third street corridor. there was drug dealer alley. but, nothing particularly scary happened there. people begged for money. people peddled drugs. people offered sex. but, i could just shake my head, say no, walk along, and that would be it. the scariest thing that ever happened still wasn't that bad: one night i was walking down 53rd street around 11:30pm, and this extremely drunk guy started following me down the street, asking over and over again where the closest liquor store was. it was a little unsettling that he followed me a block down the street, but he was harmless. he finally found someone else to go ask, and i could slip into my building, slip into my apartment, and lock the door behind me. still, it wasn't that scary, and i didn't really fear any violence or injury.

the first two and a half years in st. louis were the same way. nothing crazy happened. there were beggars, there were drug dealers, but there was nothing too bad. one time a beggar walked up to my friend's car and stood there, waiting for us to get out, but she was the same woman i had seen a million times on the delmar loop, and i knew she wasn't going to do anything but ask for money. i always kept my eye out and stayed alert when i was walking around town--st. louis isn't a huge city, but crime is a reality here.

crime is like everything else, though: when it rains, it pours.

back at the beginning of february, i got mugged. last night, something at least equally scary happened, just a few blocks from where i was mugged almost two months ago.

this time i wasn't walking in a desolate place. i wasn't even walking. i got back from Chicago last night around 12:20. i took the greyhound. the greyhound station is in an awful neighbourhood, rife with vacant lots and broken bottles. however, there are always a ton of cabs out in front of the station. i got off the bus, made a beeline for a cab, and told the driver where i lived. i was expecting this driver to take the same route that every other driver has ever taken from the greyhound stop to my apartment: get on 64/40 [the highway through town], get off at Skinker, and take me home.

this driver had other ideas. instead of doing that, he took Cass to Grand, Grand to Forest Park, and Forest Park home. Cass is sketchy. Cass is really sketchy. Cass is dark, half the area along it consists of vacant lots, and the other half consists of boarded-up or burnt-out buildings. i felt safe enough, though...i was in the car, ensconced in my protective bubble of glass and metal.

we turned south down Grand. Grand, along this stretch, is just as bad as Cass. anything north of Delmar on Grand is bad. even south of Delmar the side streets can be dubious; it was on one of those side streets, a few blocks south, where my friend and i were mugged last month. however, that six-tenths of a mile or so between Cass and Grand is dark, desolate, and an extremely bad place to be at 12:30 in the morning. still, i felt just fine, since i was in a taxi.

we stop at a red light about halfway between Grand and Delmar. even though i could see the bright lights of the Fox Theatre in the distance, the cab is still firmly ensconced in the darkness of North City. all of a sudden, a man in a white t-shirt starts banging on the front passenger-side window. my radar is up, and i start leaning away from the passenger side; i was sitting in the back seat, on the passenger side. the cab driver, for reasons unbeknownst to me, rolls down the window. the guy points west down the street, and says that someone at a motel that way was trying to shoot him and his wife.

this was a sketchy allegation for two reasons. first of all, there was a woman standing behind him, but she didn't look scared or freaked out or anything. she looked rather nonchalant. she didn't have the blank look of someone scared out of her mind; it was more of a look of ennui. second of all, there were no motels visible down the street where he was pointing. there were vacant lots, and nothing but. thirdly, there was no one else up the street that way: no one walking, no one running. maybe it was true. maybe there was someone down the street who was trying to shoot them. but, i couldn't see anything that backed up that story, so i thought it was also possible that this guy had this clever ruse in order to rob or carjack us.

the driver didn't say anything. he started to roll the window back up; this made me happy, since there was not the customary layer of bulletproof glass between the front and back seats of this taxicab. the guy then starts pulling on my door handle, trying to climb into the back of the cab. thank goodness, my door was locked. so, his pulling was in vain. i was scared, and scooted as far away from that door as i could with all of my stuff in the back seat with me. finally the light turned green, and the driver drove away. the man kept running after the car, screaming, and banging on the trunk until the cab was driving fast enough that he could not run to keep up.

then, the cab driver starts talking to me, clearly either confused or amused by the fact that i was so freaked out. i couldn't believe it; i thought that it was perfectly obvious why that scared me so much, and perfectly reasonable that i had gotten a little tense about the incident. my taxi driver did not see it this way. i'm not surprised that a cab driver can go through that and be far more nonplussed than i. i was insulted that he assumed i could take it so lightly, and i was angry that he had risked my safety by rolling down the window in a dark area with no one else around, to someone who could have very easily been a carjacker.

if i ever take a greyhound bus from st. louis again, i am demanding that my cab driver go directly from the greyhound station to the highway. i'm not risking something like that again.

misappropriation of federal funds for the win.

i'm in white collar crime class, and we're discussing a case that denotes a private company that has been sub-sub-contracted to dole out federal housing funding as a "public official" under the bribery statute. she then starts to analogize that to receiving federal student loans, and discussing whether we were administrators of a federal program because we got that money. the following exchange ensued:

professor: i'm going to go out on a limb and say that we have a lot of people in here who are getting federal loans. does that mean we have a roomful of federal officials?
student: i sure hope not.
professor: why not?
student: because the federal government wouldn't be too happy to know that this money they're giving me for tuition and living expenses is being used to go on spring break.

it's funny because it's true.

xkcd: ur doin it wrong.

for once, xkcd got a bit of nerd life wrong.

that's incorrect. sure, there are some songs that are inappropriate for sex. but, not the power rangers theme! not the lumberjack song, as referenced in the alt-text! hilarious nostalgic stuff like that coming on during sex only makes it more amusing...and anyone who couldn't appreciate something like that playing during sex is clearly not worthy of hopping into my bed.

sorry, randall munroe...i guess we're just not meant to be.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


update: that sync didn't work. after an hour and a half, it loaded exactly two of my over four thousand files onto my iPod, even though iTunes told me all of them were on there.

Apple's getting a very angry phone call tomorrow.

i want to break my iPod.

my iPod, the electronic doo dad that has brought me so much joy since i bought it last summer, is now providing me nothing but grief.

it started around the middle of spring break. i plugged my iPod in to sync with my computer, because i wanted to load the latest episode of the Savage Lovecast. i plug it in, sync it up, grab my iPod, head out the door...and notice that there are no files whatsoever that i can play on my iPod. this is worrisome, since between songs and podcasts i have a good seventeen or eighteen gigabytes of stuff i can listen to. when i get home that evening, i restored my iPod to factory settings, re-synced my files...and they worked. phew. disaster averted.

but, not averted for long, obviously, or else i wouldn't be writing this. things worked fine for about a week and a half, until friday morning. thursday night i plugged my iPod back into my computer so i could charge it, update my podcasts, and put some shiny new music on it. i plug it in and leave it for the night so it charges up. i unplug it the next morning, check the content...and there it went again. nothing. there was none of my old music there, none of my new music, none of my podcasts, nothing. that was frustrating, as i had to take the buses to the greyhound station at 5 in the morning, and that's almost impossible to do without music to keep me awake.

i got to the greyhound station, checked in for my bus, got into line, and pulled out my computer. i tried again to sync my iPod. there wasn't anything i could do with respect to updating the software, because the skeezy st. louis greyhound station does not have a wireless connection, and is not close enough to anything modern enough to give off a stray wireless connection. i restored the iPod to factory settings, synced it while i waited for my hour-late bus, turned it on...and no dice. even after restoring it and syncing it, i had nothing on there.

so, not only do i have an iPod on the fritz, but i had a seven hour bus ride, plus an hour and a half cta ride, with no music. that made me a grumpy nicky.

i had no time to start addressing the problem again until last night. i updated the software on my iPod, restored the settings, and tried again to sync it. i left it to run overnight, checked it this morning...and it had a few files on there. it didn't have everything, or nearly everything. just a few songs. and, on the iPod screen where it says how full the iPod is, it said i had eighteen gigs of "other files", and no music files...which was clearly wrong.

i could think of one other thing that could be screwy, and was within my power to fix. my iTunes software was not current...maybe that would raise a compatibility issue with the updated iPod software? i tried to update it...and it would not complete. i ended up having to delete iTunes from my computer and re-install it. luckily, my computer had saved all my playlists, play counts, and podcast subscriptions, so i didn't have to redo all that. i was afraid i'd have to, and not looking forward to that annoyance. that's about the only thing that has gone right in this whole frustrating iSaga.

now...i'm waiting. my files are syncing again, from my now-updated iTunes program to my yet-again-reset iPod. if it works, i'll be pleased, since i'll have things to listen to on the bus ride back to st. louis tonight. if it doesn't work, i'll be at a loss for things to do, and desperate for anything that will prevent my once-shiny iPod from becoming a $400 paperweight.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

more news that crack smokers can use

certain items that aren't normally green are customarily dyed green for st. patrick's day. we've seen green beer, green hair, and those creepy old shamrock shakes. even some things that are normally green get greener in the spirit of the holiday: case in point, the Chicago River.

however, some folks in Marietta, Ohio have outdone themselves. a group of crack dealers was caught on monday selling green crack to the police:

i've got to hand it to you, you clever band of small-town crack dealers, for getting into the holiday spirit. it's a great marketing ploy, putting a little extra fun in that extremely addictive drug you're peddling. hopefully a few more enterprising crack dealers will obtain a competitive advantage by following that trail you blazed, and making more fun coloured crack for special occasions. but you? it's not going to be you, at least not for a few years.

you closed a contract to confer your clever celtic crack upon the cops, they caught you, and they confiscated your colourful cocaine concoction.

oooooh, shiny.

quick quiz! what do the following two videos have in common, other than making the persecuted crack smoker laugh so hard she can't breathe?

1. "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" by Lemon Demon:

2. [The Potter Puppet Pals in] "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" by Neil Cicierega

give up? they're by the same guy! Neil Cicierega is Lemon Demon! he is officially a master of internet hilarity.

the internet is a tiny, tiny world.


in about fifteen minutes, Georgia and Xavier tip off. this is awesome...this means that March Madness has finally come again!!

we'll see how well my bracket does. as usual, it has a few cracky upsets in there just for fun. as usual, i have picked Duke to win the whole thing, because i love them and hey deserve to win every game they play. ♥

and, even though i have them picked to make the final game and then eventually lose to Duke...i won't complain if Mt. St. Mary's goes where no sixteenth seed has gone before, and gives the Heels the old heave-ho.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...i was just trying to run an errand.

i went out to run an errand tonight, and it was my weirdest venture out of my apartment in a very long time.

first, i got to the skinker metro station. i hadn't heard anything funny because i was listening to the wonderful bucket podcast on my ipod. all of a sudden i see two wackenhut guards. that in itself isn't odd, because they're always around to guard the stations. but, one of them is screaming at the top of his lungs, and slammed his box of metrolink ticket forms onto the ground as hard as he could. that made a very loud crashing noise, since tickets are stored in metal boxes. he was screaming something about how that eastbound train, which had just left the station, should have held for him. the other guard was trying to calm him down.

this was bizarre. if it were something serious on that train, you'd think one or both of those guards would be on a phone or a walkie-talkie, calling their fellow guards at the next station down the line. if it weren't something serious, and the guy just cared that much about his job, you'd think he'd be a little more professional about it. i was curious, and about to take off my ipod and eavesdrop. but, since that would be rude at best and suspicious at worst, i decided to keep my ipod on and walk away.

that turned out to be a good choice. i heard him hurl that ticket box down three more times in the next few minutes. i still don't know what was wrong, but i do know there's a guard with a serious anger management problem who is guarding my local train station.

you'd think that would be enough weirdness for one silly little errand trip. you'd be wrong.

i'm standing at best buy, looking at some stuff for my computer. i'm not wearing anything particularly fact, i look pretty darn dishevelled because honestly, i don't care that much how i look when i'm running errands. this random guy about my age walks up to me while i'm comparing the virtues of various computer peripherals, and the following exchange ensues:

random dude: excuse me.
me: yes?
random dude: are you...umm...with anyone?
me: with anyone?
random dude: yeah, like either way. are you here with any of them? [points to random guys looking at other computer peripherals]
me: i don't know what you mean by either way, but no, i'm not here with any of those guys over there.
random dude: are you with anyone at all? i mean, i'm newly back on the market, and i just couldn't leave here without asking if you were available.
me: no, no i'm not seeing anyone, but i don't want to 'cause i'm leaving town really soon.
random dude: aw man! alright...i just had to ask. [walks away.]

he wasn't particularly skeezy, and i have to tip my hat to him for not invading my personal space and for walking away as soon as it was obvious that i had shot him down. but, still. it was a very weird encounter.

luckily, the ride home wasn't nearly so weird in comparison. on the train ride home i saw a dude with the worst case of meth-mouth i'd ever seen...but that's far less weird than any of that other stuff, especially because missouri is the meth capital of the country.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008


sigh. Duke lost in the semis of the ACC tournament today.

i mean, we're still going dancing, but still. losing to Clemson? wtf?

Duke has some really stupid losses this year...Wake, Miami, and now this. hopefully this means all this stuff is out of their systems, and they'll show no mercy through the NCAAs.

get off my lawn--or get off Ravinia's.

they just released the Ravinia schedule for this summer, and a few of the entries on it are a hoot.

for any of you who aren't from Chicago, or haven't spent enough time around there, Ravinia is a large outdoor concert venue out in Highland Park, one of the 'burbs. it's a nice time...people bring picnics, blankets, wine...and watch a show in the evening. i've been there a couple times. it's obviously not my favourite venue in the area, since there's no way a mosh pit is ever going to start there. but, it's a nice night out with friends.

Ravinia is a venue i associated with an older crowd. i associate it with the symphony, with older acts, with people who sing standards...with things that calm adults listen to. this is why several of the acts they're bringing there this year really confuse me. they make me feel old--because they are acts i actually remember from when i was young and easy...observe:
  • Hootie and the Blowfish, July 25: there's something just wrong about the band who put out the first CD i ever playing Ravinia. i'm glad they're still together, and i'm glad they're playing the occasional large venue. but, a large venue i associated more with wine than beer? for one of the quintessential Nineties Bar Bands Gone Big? sigh. hand me my walker.
  • Sheryl Crow, August 10: okay, so she plays the kind of poppy-yet-singer-songwriter-y music that i'd expect to see at Ravinia, especially over these last few years when they've been trying to cultivate a cooler image among old people. this isn't a stylistic thing. but..."All I Wanna Do" is one of the defining pop songs of the nineties! i still remember being in the car and hearing it on the top 40! seeing her at Ravinia is an extremely unpleasant reminder that Tuesday Night Music Club turns fifteen this year!
  • The Backstreet Boys, August 24: that's right. there is still such an entity as The Backstreet Boys, and they're playing Ravinia. i'm so curious about the crowd that this show would draw. current teenyboppers? people around my age who may have been teenyboppers ten years ago, and are trying to relive the days of Boy Bands, Pop Tarts, and TRL? old people who don't know any better, and just want to go out for a picnic that night? i almost want to go to this show just to people-watch, and figure out who actually goes to Ravinia to see a reconstituted nineties boy band.
  • Jonny Lang, August 28: sure, he's opening for Buddy Guy. i may be cheating here. but, still, there's the shock of seeing yet another nineties MTV staple on the Ravinia lineup. (i can't be the only one here who remembers being really, really sick of "Lie to Me", right?!) and, to add insult to injury, he was born in 1981! he's a year older than i am!
  • Donna Summer, August 30: this is a break from the promised theme of my rant, i know. this won't lead to a rant about how old certain highlights of Ravinia's lineup make me feel, since she was before my time. i just don't visualize a large, sprawling, outdoor venue like Ravinia as being a good place to listen to disco music. the little devil on my shoulder is telling me to buy some bell-bottoms and a really shiny shirt, put on some outlandish makeup,and disco-dance around the venue all night...just to be silly. who's with me?
now back to your regularly scheduled plans for the day, which i'm sure did not involve listening to a long rant about how old and decrepit i'm getting.

кричать. кричать. пусть он разберется.1

the greatest Weird Link To My Blog that i've seen in a while was not actually to this one, but to my other one, supergig. somebody used google translator to translate one of my posts a few weeks ago [a song-of-the-day blurb about "Shout 2000" by Disturbed] into Russian.

i don't know if someone was doing it for giggles, or if some Russian-speaking Disturbed fan actually stumbled across supergig. either way, it's fantastic.

1 i'm hoping Google Translate didn't give me something completely obscene or stupid, because i definitely don't speak Russian. it's supposed to say "shout. shout. let it all out." if you know Russian, and know whether that's exactly what my title text means or not, please tell me.

can dance for bukkit nao?

this is why YouTube was invented, and why it's a wonderful thing:

Friday, March 14, 2008

msnbc sucks.

i was at the bank this afternoon. while i was sitting in the waiting area, waiting for my friend to finish her business there, i saw something on msnbc that appalled me.

they were in the middle of a piece about the mortgage crisis. they had some kind of housing market expert on, and the anchor was talking to him. this made perfect sense...the mortgage crisis is real news that affects a lot of people, and a story that is worth covering in great detail.

in the middle of the interview, the anchor rudely cut the guest off. she said it was nice to have him there, but there was some breaking news that they had to cover. i was expecting something major. i was expecting the death or serious injury of a politician, a terrorist attack somewhere in the world, or something else of that scale...something that warranted cutting short a guest spot about the mortgage crisis.

what was the special report? a two second piece about how the jury in the john ritter medical malpractice case had just rendered its verdict, holding the doctors not liable. that's a story that some people were following, i'm sure, but was it really worth cutting off another story to break that one? i honestly don't think so; no one would have been harmed if msnbc had delayed breaking that story for a few more minutes, while finishing the talk about the mortgage crisis.

you'd think they'd go back and finish the segment after quickly breaking the john ritter story...but you'd be wrong. the guest was never to be seen again. they followed the lawsuit story with a story about the upcoming youtube awards, and spent the next five minutes fawning over some baby video that had been nominated in the "adorable" category.

for a station that purports to be a news station, this is not what i call responsible journalism.

happy π day!

happy π day!!

to celebrate this Day Of Dorky Awesomeness, i present to you...a web page with the first 32 million digits of π.

or, if a picture is more to your liking...have some cherry π, courtesy of the wonderful Diesel Sweeties:

in other news, there's a new pizza place opening today on Delmar. it's called π. for being called that, and opening on π day, i think i'm going to have dinner there. it's right near my place, and i can't turn down the thought of eating pizza-π at π on π day.

this post has been brought to you by the letter π, and by the number 3.14159265358979323846...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

a beautiful afternoon.

this afternoon was an awesome afternoon.

i went down to the loop just to wander. i've been doing that a lot lately, but today my heart was really in it. i got some sushi for lunch, at Seki...i love going there for lunch. it's never busy, and you get the same sushi they serve at dinner for half the price. it's a good place to sit, have some good food, and relax. i brought my book, and read it.

i then went across the street to Baton, a little music store. i didn't end up buying anything...but i'd be a liar to say i wasn't tempted. they had a lot of musical instruments...horns, clarinets, guitars, name it, it was probably lurking somewhere. if i had a lot of money, i'd probably spend a good bit of it on musical instruments. i'm not good at playing them due to my sorely lacking finger coordination, but i'm fascinated by them.

after browsing there, i went down the street to a cafe, to have some coffee and finish my book. i went to Boosters, which is on Melville just off of Delmar, right between Blue Hill and the smoothie place. i sipped some coffee, and eventually tried a bowl of soup. the special for the day was tomato and roasted red pepper soup. i had never had that kind, but it sounded amazing. was. it was fabulous. if you live in st. louis, you really need to drop by Boosters and hope that it's a day when they're serving this as their soup of the day. i'm in love.

finally i went down to Vintage Vinyl. i got three albums that i had been meaning to pick up: ...A Better View of the Rising Moon by 1997, New Miserable Experience by Gin Blossoms, and Becoming I by Unloco. i also picked up two random albums out of the bargain bin that looked just plain weird. no need to identify them here...but i'm going to be writing entries about them in my other blog very soon, so check it out there if you're curious. one of them i grabbed for the weird band name and album art; the other was chosen for the weird album title. needless to say, each of them will either contain surprisingly good music, or be hilariously bad.

all in all, it was a good, relaxing afternoon. it's exactly what spring break days should be.

giggles and body love

the Diesel Sweeties print comic today is hilarious...for once, Indie Rock Pete isn't being a complete Cooler-Than-Thou. plus, the word zaftig is awesome.


i'm happy.

i'm going to Chicago next weekend!! i'll be getting in early Friday afternoon [March 21st], and leaving that Sunday evening [March 23].

so, if you're there, and want to harass me, bug me, hang out with me, or do anything other than call me a should give me a call, an email, or a blog comment. we shall hang out. ♥

if you want to call me a goat, you're out of luck. if you happen to blindside me and try to do that, i will show you my handy dandy opposable thumbs, and declare victory.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

*holds nose*

reason #649 that i'm glad to be moving out of the Tiniest Studio Ever in two months:

when your toilet decides to malfunction, it doesn't just make the bathroom smell awful. it makes the entire apartment smell awful.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

letter to my iPod

dear iPod,

please to be not going corrupt and erasing all your contents.

i didn't lose any data, luckily, because it was all saved on my computer, but still. having to re-download all seventeen gigs of music to it is obnoxious enough. and, you decided to flip out on me right before i was taking public transportation down to fairview heights. this was bad, as it takes an hour to get down there on a good day. i really wanted to catch up on all my podcasts. instead, i had to leave you at home, have a long, music-free ride, and troubleshoot you when i got home.

no love,
the persecuted crack smoker

i'm officially ashamed to be human.

i know i've said several times before that we've reached the bottom of the television barrel. be it in this blog or just in casual conversation, i've referred to many shows as being as low as reality television could fall. rendezview? cheaters? moment of truth? forgive me, for i have misinformed all of you. none of those comes even close.

the bottom of the barrel is I Know My Kid's A Star.

it's a new reality show on VH1; i just saw the preview for it tonight after Flavor of Love. it's a talent search for a child star. that's bad enough. adults can make their own choice as to whether or not to whore themselves off on a reality show in return for a shot at those crucial fifteen minutes of fame. but, kids? they can't make that choice on their takes a pushy stage parent.

which leads me to my second gripe about that show. there was a scene in which the host proclaimed that they were not only looking for a child with star quality, but for a parent with the drive to manage their child's career. i really don't approve of a parent managing a child star's career in the first place. not only may the parent not be too knowledgeable about show business, but the parent should be in the role of overseeing the child's showbiz career and putting the manager in check if he or she tries to push the child too hard. the person searching for stardom and the person keeping the forces of hollywood in check should not be the same person. if they're looking for a "parent with the drive to manage," that can really only mean they're looking for one kind of parent: the stereotypical pageant mom. they're looking for a kid whose parent is willing to push their kid, at all costs, to be a star. they're looking for a parent who is willing to live her own failed ambitions at stardom vicariously through her kid. i'm not okay with a show that encourages that, or even purports to encourage that.

then, there's the third part. the part that confused me. the part i was not willing to believe until i looked the show up on IMDB. the host of this wonderful paragon of television? danny bonaduce.

you mean to tell me that the same guy who was, not long ago, going on drunken rages on Breaking Bonaduce is now hosting a show with kids? you mean to tell me that the same former child star who is now a washed-up, dried-out alcoholic is now hosting a show that is encouraging pushy pageant mommies to parade their little puppets on television, in hopes of managing the next child star?


Monday, March 10, 2008

do you like coffee?

i saw this on i has a hot dog, and it amused me to no end. the text, the's one of the few loldogs that has amused me as much as a good lolcat.

sick? again?

the good news: it's spring break.

the bad news: i think i'm getting sick. again. i had the flu in January, and a cold in February...and now i have a sore throat. i know that's going around. one of my friends was really, really ill with one about a week, week and a half ago. i'm hoping i didn't catch the same bug he had, because he was really, really sick. i mean, if i had to catch it, it's better i catch it over break and not when school is in session, but still. i feel like i've been sick more time than i've been than well this semester, and i'm getting really, really annoyed with it.

so, this afternoon i'm lying low, watching bad tv, resting, and hoping whatever this is goes away. i'm hoping it's something minor that rest and drinking lots of fluids will solve. i need it to go away soon, because a sore throat obviously kills my singing voice...and when break ends, Barely Legal practices will be resuming in earnest. as will choir practices. as will my voice lessons. i sing a lot, and i need my singing voice in good shape for the first time in a long time.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

i has a bukkit!

jacked from siln, and proving i spend way too much time on teh webbernets:

bedroom toys

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the MPRE: part deux.

i took the MPRE again this morning. [for all you non-law people, the MPRE is a multiple choice test on legal ethics that's required in most states--including Illinois, so i'm stuck having to take it.] i took the test in November and failed it. i studied a lot harder this time...but i can't say i feel a whole lot better about the actual test. i feel a little better, but not appreciably so. i still felt like i was guessing on just about all the questions.

i can't deal with close questions of legal ethics being boiled down to multiple choice questions. it confuses the heck out of me. it also goes against the spirit of the ethical rule allowing you to consult with another lawyer and disclose confidential information to discuss a close question of legal ethics...clearly they recognize the need to confer with others on certain questions, and exercise a level of professional judgment. so, they need to either make the MPRE treat only clear questions of legal ethics in that multiple choice format, or better yet make it sufficient to practice if we took a professional ethics course in law school. ethics classes have the freedom to require an essay final instead of a multiple choice test like this, and are a better format to get us thinking about close questions of legal ethics in a meaningful, enlightening manner.

now that this stupid test is over, however, spring break can begin in earnest. since they're really slow at grading it, i don't get my score for five if i fail it again, it will mess with my head right before finals instead of casting a pall on this lazy, lazy week.

Friday, March 07, 2008

death meets its match...

Gary Gygax, one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons, died Tuesday morning. xkcd had a brilliant tribute to him today:

Thursday, March 06, 2008


you know what's great?

going to blue hill, having a few beers, playing monopoly, and then loudly and badly singing Jonathan Coulton songs.

ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get any better than this.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

escort values

the foof linked me to this amusingly absurd quiz.

Powered By TheirToys

remind me of why i give it away for free?

criminal aptitude quiz

good morning, and welcome to another edition of the criminal aptitude quiz!

imagine you're a carjacker. you carry around a shotgun with you. you try to use it to jack a car, but the driver resists you and drives away. what do you do next?

A. get rid of the gun as quickly as possible and disappear.
B. use the gun to jack another car in the vicinity, and then get away as quickly as possible.
C. hop on a public bus with your shotgun plainly in view.

if you chose C...survey says you're an idiot.

Monday, March 03, 2008


diesel sweeties wins at poking fun at scientology:

the weather just flat out can't stop smoking crack

yesterday we had a high of 79 degrees.

today we're under a winter storm warning.

we've had some really schizophrenic weather in St. Louis this winter. we've had days when it was sixty, almost seventy...and then snowing the next day. but almost 80, and then an ice storm in less than 24 hours? and then six inches of snow tomorrow? this is a new one, even for this winter.

although, i'll take it. if given the choice between eighty-degree weather and a winter storm, give me the cold.

i'll take outdated metaphors for $500, Alex.

you know you're watching an old game show when Alex Trebek seriously refers to an amazingly good contestant as "the OJ Simpson of Double Dare".

and nobody laughs.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


yet another way-too-adorable and way-too-amusing campaign LOLcat from yes we can has:

Saturday, March 01, 2008


alright, i'm finally back to normal. i was up all night writing my moot court brief on thursday night. i spent most of yesterday sleeping...and then last night i slept again...and today i feel like a human being again.

not that i have anything interesting to say; i'm just proclaiming that i'm not dead.