Sunday, February 24, 2008


this week is shaping up to be a peach. [and, by a peach, i mean kind of awful.]

the environmental moot court brief is due this week. i have a ton of work left to do on it...specifically, because i haven't started it yet. i should have started it today, but i'm sick. i have had a cold creeping up on me since Tuesday. i'm surprised. usually i only get sick every few months. i had a really nasty flu a little over a month ago, during intersession week. but, that bug that's flying around the law school is making another round. i guess since it was the flu i had, i didn't have the antibodies against the cold. therefore, i've got a cold.

i'm coughing, sniffling, and sneezing. i haven't had a functional singing voice since maybe last Tuesday. i squeaked through one week of the karaoke competition [last Wednesday] in less-than-full voice; i really don't want to have to risk that again.

even worse, on the school front, this cold has been making me lethargic. i feel sluggish, and no sleep seems to be enough. i've been staying in bed until eleven, twelve, one. i wasn't up very late last night, but i was asleep until almost two this afternoon. i'm still feeling really icky, though, and doing much else than sitting around is kind of taxing. i need to feel better than this so i can focus on researching and writing that moot court brief.

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