Tuesday, February 19, 2008

phone losers

phone losers is the funniest website i've seen in a long time. it's a 1990s phone phreaker e-zine website. the phone phreaker e-zine is amusing...and the tapes and descriptions of pranks they have pulled are even funnier. i've become hooked on reading it and listening to all the phone fun on there.

i'm especially partial to this one. it doesn't involve hacking into the phone lines, but it's one of the guys annoying a telemarketer who calls him. just take a listen to it...and tell me if you couldn't visualise me doing this, given my opinion about children.

this call is also fabulous. someone is trying to buy a spark plug for their snow blower, and happens to run into a prankster at the auto parts store. i'm surprised the customers don't get pissed off...the fact that they stay so calm the whole time is part of why this call is A+.


The King said...

Prank phone calls are the best. I will have to check this site out when I'm not at work.

nicolle said...

it's well worth it. i blew another few hours on phone losers tonight, and there are so many more great prank calls on there.

Brad said...

Ugh, the Phone Losers are so lame. They need to grow the hell up.

nicolle said...

growing up is seriously overrated.