Monday, February 18, 2008

introducing...your new American Gladiators!

the finale for American Gladiators was last night. Evan and Monica won...i'm perfectly happy with that result.

on the men's side, it was a foregone conclusion that Evan was going to win. he was just way, way too good at that game. the first episode he seemed perfect, but then he just kept getting better. he's incredible...and didn't come off as a douchebag in the contender interviews, so go him. he'll be a fantastic gladiator next season. he's better than anyone i've ever seen, contender or gladiator, on the wall. he just scrambles up so quickly. i already feel sorry for whichever contender draws him on that event, because there's no way he's going to win. you could give the contender a ten second head start and he'd probably still lose to Evan. he's just that great. Alex wasn't bad, he was clearly better than the other ten male contenders this season--but just as clearly not as good as Evan.

on the women's side, i was rooting for Monica because she was not Shanay. Shanay annoyed me all season. she's a life coach, and has that pushy, Oprah-esque affect that life coaches always have. she was full of cheesy, fluffy speech. during the first two rounds she was all too happy to clunk people over the head with the Jesus stick, although she toned that particular bit of her rhetoric down considerably for the finals. still, she was far too OMG INSPIRATIONAL CHEERLEADER for my tastes. Monica said some silly stuff as well, but it was the same silly stuff that every contender on that show says, and she didn't come off like...a life coach. she's small and quick, and if she returns as a gladiator, she'll probably be very good at the same kind of events as Evan...the wall, hang tough, stuff like that.

in other news, Hellga has a blog. i think that's fantastic.

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