Saturday, February 16, 2008


Harold's Chicken Shack is a Chicago original. they make awesomely greasy fried chicken. there are a bunch of them around the south side...including one at Kimbark Plaza, which was right next to the apartment i lived in for the year before i went to law school. there was nothing better the morning after partying a little too hard than getting the group together, crossing the treacherous Crack Dealer Alley, and getting, in the words of the good doctor, "fried chicken served on a bed of french fries, slathered in hot sauce with a slice of white bread sitting next to a small cup of cole slaw."

Harold's started on the south side of Chicago, although it has branched out a bit now. there are Harold's Chicken Shacks on the north side, as well as a smattering of locations outside of Chicago.

i just found out today that there's a Harold's in Fairview Heights.

this makes me inordinately happy. Fairview Heights is out on the east side, ten or fifteen miles over the river. there must be an excursion out there. it's been too long since i've had Harold's Chicken, and there's nothing like it.

anyone in st. louis who wants to make an excursion to the East Side with me for the best fried chicken you'll ever're welcome to come. you won't be sorry, although you might get addicted and suddenly catch yourself going to Fairview Heights on chicken runs a little more often than you ever thought you would.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

I belong to the small minority of people who do not like Harold's. And I loves me some fried chicken, being from the south. But the only Harold's I ever went to was the one in Kimbark Plaza, and I was very underwhelmed. Apparently, corporate doesn't control the recipes and processes used by the franchisees, so the likelihood of the chicken near St. Louis being anything like that at the Kimbark Plaza location is somewhat low.

Mad Jurist said...

Have you ever had Hodak's? Fried chicken so good, it gives you a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls.