Sunday, February 24, 2008


there were so many heinous dresses at the Oscars tonight. Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz's dresses that prominently featured roadkill stitched onto their boobies. Kristen Chenoweth's "wedding dress" with all the puffs on the skirt. Diablo Cody's leopard-print drape. Cameron Diaz's powder pink origami tablecloth. i was afraid there would not be a single dress that was so pretty, so gorgeous, so tasteful that i would actually deem it Oscar-worthy.

but no. Helen Mirren. you win. her dress was gorgeous...a dark red satin number, shape-showing but not skintight. it didn't have fluffs or bows or extra layers of fabric dangling from odd places. the only accoutrement, the Swarovski crystal sleeves, fit perfectly with the dress. they're tasteful and not gaudy. i'm in love.

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Eric Allix Rogers said...

Plus she's Helen Mirren. She gets bonus points just for being her.