Sunday, February 17, 2008

Barrister's Ball

Barrister's Ball was last night. here's a picture of me at the dance...for once, i'm wearing a dress that's not floor-length. it was kind of weird wearing such a short dress, but i like how i looked in it.

and here's another picture of me...not a formal shot, but a fun one. i realised i promised about nine or ten months ago, when i got my tattoo, to post a picture of it. i also realised i never did. one of my favourite things about my dress was that it showed off my tattoo rather nicely.

as for the was Barrister's. it was at the same venue as the last few years. it had the same kind of music...specifically bad music, very heavy on recent pop-rap. there were some gorgeous dresses, and some heinous ones. the most heinous dress of the night was this one floor-length gown covered in gold sequins. sequined accents are alright, but a dress fully covered in gaudy, shiny gold sequins? i think i finally met a shiny object i didn't like.

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