Monday, January 07, 2008

ye olde bait and switch

i hate when professors snare students with large amounts of reading without giving proper notice.

i'm taking an intersession class about intellectual property. we had to buy a 420-page textbook for it. the professor told me when i emailed him last week that we didn't have any reading for the first day, but i could read the first seventy pages or so if i really wanted to.

i knew where this was going. i knew it was going to be a trap. i was hoping that it wasn't, and that the professor actually was going to assign a reasonable amount of reading for a one-week class...but i've been in law school so long that i knew better. so...i read. i've read over 150 pages of the 420 page textbook. i was hoping it was overkill, but a little voice in the back of my head told me i needed to.

the voice was right. he came in today and told the class to read the whole book by thursday. that means i still have a lot to read, about 270 pages, but at least i don't have the whole thing to still finish.

stupid law school.


Silly Little Law Student said...

holy. cow.

is that amount of casebook reading even possible in such a short span of time??

nicolle said...

luckily it's one of those "stories" books, so it's not 420 pages of's got excerpts of opinions, but it's mostly the history behind them. it's doable...but still a lot.