Tuesday, January 29, 2008

no lawsuit writer left behind the prison gates

some friends and i had a state of the union party last night. watching the speech was fun...specifically because we were playing the state of the union drinking game, and booze is really the only thing that will stop me from stabbing myself if i'm watching the president speak.

the funniest part of the evening, however, had nothing to do with the game. it was just me and one of my friends in the room at the time...and the president starts taling about the no child left behind act.

now, both of us are far too amused by jonathan lee riches ©'s lawsuit against the no child left behind act. she had a mental image of the short bus blowing exhaust in jlr©'s face. i had a mental image of jlr© behind the prison gates, and was revelling in my bamboozlement about what a ridiculous idea it was to blame that on the no child left behind act. we simultaneously start laughing so hard we can't breathe.

my two other friends in the apartment walk in and ask us why we're laughing so hard. neither of us can respond with more than a word here or a word there, interspersed with our howling laughter.

i know it makes no sense, but seriously. i haven't laughed that hard in ages.

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reallyboring said...

I had a shared moment of laughter like that, so intense that it made doing anything else impossible, in homeroom once in 8th grade. We were talking about oatmeal. I still can't remember what was funny.