Tuesday, January 22, 2008


funniest screenshot ever on deadspin this morning:

any further suggestions for what defense is? this sign is a pretty good example, if the fan's favourite bowler's adversary is easily amused. or, you could always yell "booga-booga" at the bowler when they're trying to bowl.

or, as one esteemed commenter suggested, a goat would suffice.


reallyboring said...

I can't read the text in the screen cap, what does it say?

nicolle said...

the sign just has the letter D next to a picture of a fence.

it's a common sign at football games (d-fence...defense...), but makes NO SENSE at a bowling event. :)

reallyboring said...

ohhh, THAT sign. I was trying to read the electronic scoreboard. duh. yes, that's funny.


It is quite obviously photoshopped in, considering the relative clarity between it and the other background, and the white sidings that are prevalent on the right side.

Funny. But not a real sign.

nicolle said...

and if it's 'shopped, more power to the creator for making my day.