Monday, January 28, 2008

as a ScavHunter, i will hunt the mighty Scav!

thanks to Joan, i found out there's going to be a grad/alum ScavHunt team this year.

scavhunt falls right smack between the end of finals and my graduation, so i'm going to come into Chicago for it. and...even though i love the Shoreland Scavvies, i'm going to Scav with the grad/alum squad. i just know so few people who are still students, and would feel like i'm impeding if i were busting in after missing the last two Hunts. [the last two hunts, after all, were the weekend right before my summer jobs started, so there was no way to attend them.] with a grad/alum team, we're all in the same boat...people who aren't at the U(c) anymore, but can't quite break the scav habit. i think it's the greatest idea ever, and the best way for me to get back into scavving with likeminded alums.



reallyboring said...

I so want to do this, too. And it'll be nice to do it without the awkwardness of having to get signed in to some dorm I never lived in to work on their team.

nicolle said...

exactly. it was a bit awkward doing it on my year off, right after i graduated...even when i still knew a lot of people. doing it with a bunch of alums will be far less awkward, and far more fun.