Saturday, December 29, 2007

you thought i was done heroblogging, didn't you?

right around thanksgiving, my playstation decided it would be a great time not to read my memory card. this made me sad, as it made it impossible to play more than the first level or two of any of my guitar hero games. i couldn't play the higher levels or the unlockable songs. this made me sad, as i had spent a long time unlocking them--not to mention the fact that a lot of the best songs were further along in the games.

i had no idea if my playstation was messed up or if the memory card had become corrupted. my pocketbook was hoping that it was the memory card that had broken, because it would be a lot cheaper to replace. my heart was hoping that it was the memory card slot on my playstation that was busted, because then i could buy a new playstation and keep the fruits of three months' hard work.1

finals got in the way, and then my trip out of town, but i finally brought my memory card over to my friend's place and tested it out. it was as bad as i had feared--the memory card was corrupted and unreadable. i don't know how that happened, but that was frustrating--all my data from playing guitar hero 1, 2, and 3 all semester had been wiped clean.


i bought a new memory card yesterday afternoon, and i have started again. it's easier this time because i'm better at the game than i was a few months ago. i've beaten the first four levels of guitar hero 3 on medium, and then gone back and played a few of the unlockable tracks. luckily, my fingers remember how to play the game...i have five-starred everything the first time through except for "nothing here for me" [which i have still never managed to get more than four stars on, even on the old memory card]. hopefully by the end of winter break i'll be able to beat all the games on medium again so i can have everything unlocked. i'll restart my careers on hard once i have all the songs unlocked again.

i promise this blog isn't turning into a video blog...but i do have to share two of the shiniest songs that you probably have never heard unless you have played the unlockable tracks on guitar hero 3:

"Avalancha" by Heroes del Silencio: i don't know the words. this song is in spanish. all i know is, it's gorgeous. the lead singer's voice reminds me a lot of Gordon Vaughn, the lead singer from Cool for August.2 i've got to thank phil for playing this song so much when i was in Chicago for thanksgiving, and making me realise how great it is.

"The Way It Ends" by Prototype: i am most likely to fall in love with a song because of the vocals. singing is the first thing my ears are drawn to; it always has been. this song is one of the rare ones to grab me for other reasons. the singing in it is okay...not bad enough to detract from the rest of it, but i'd be perfectly happy for it not to be there. the guitar, however, is what grabbed me about this song. this song is a perfect example of what melodic heavy metal guitar should sound's just as suited to a daydream as it is to a fit of moshing.

1 i spent a lot of time ditching class and blowing off my reading in order to play as much guitar hero as i played last semester. it was hard work, i promise, but someone had to do it! during the course of last semester i beat guitar hero 1 on medium, five-starred every song on guitar hero 2 on medium, got nineteen songs into guitar hero 2 on hard, beat [and five-starred all but three songs on] guitar hero 3 on medium, and got twenty-three songs into guitar hero 3 on hard. i even had accomplices. i convinced one of my friends to regularly blow off incarceration class in favour of some good old-fashioned shredding, and we beat co-op career mode with her on easy and me on medium. we were also about halfway through a co-op career with me on hard and her on medium. the fruits of so many hours of playing that game were saved on that memory card...i definitely spent more time playing GH last semester than i spent studying.

2 they were a far-underrated mid-nineties band who i loved specifically for their lead singer's distinctive voice. i've never before heard a voice that reminded me the least bit of Gordon Vaughn's before...his voice was so intensely plaintive, and suited the often-desperate mood of Cool for August's music perfectly. the similarity is less present during the song's choruses, but compare his voice during the verses to the voice in this song, "Don't Wanna Be Here" by Cool for August:

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