Thursday, December 27, 2007

you did not deserve to witness such a great concert.

just got back from The Verve Pipe concert...and it was awesome. i have a far longer entry about it later. it's almost all written out with pen and paper, but i'm a little too tired to type it all out and edit it tonight, so it should be coming in the next couple days. it will also contain pictures, not only of the band performing but also of me with Brian and Donny after the show. [*SQUEE!!*]

still, i have to share this exchange. i was sitting at a table during the show...and the table was next to another table inhabited by three Idiot Fratboys. after The Verve Pipe played its encore and left the stage for good, and other music was already playing over the bar's PA system, one of the Idiot Fratboys turned to me, and the following exchange ensued:

Idiot Fratboy #1: hey, do you know when they're going to play "Bittersweet"?
[i know full well where this conversation is going, but my brain refuses to acknowledge it. i look quizzically at Idiot Fratboy #1.]
me: what? [long pause.] "Bittersweet"?
Idiot Fratboy #1: yeah! "Bittersweet Symphony!"
me: that's the wrong band, dude. that song was by The Verve. this was The Verve Pipe.
Idiot Fratboy #1: what? i've never heard of The Verve!
[Idiot Fratboy #1 turns to his Idiot Fratboy Friends, continues to wonder out loud about the difference between The Verve and The Verve Pipe, and starts to complain some more about not hearing "Bittersweet Symphony". i just turn back to my table, snicker a bit, and go back to drinking my beer and writing my concert review.]


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