Monday, December 03, 2007

i'm a snake.

i got my MPRE score back today, and i am not ethical enough to practice law in the state of illinois.

that's right. i failed the MPRE.


the good news is that i can take it again in march. but, it's just unpleasant, the idea of taking it again. it was enough of a pain the first time. i was hoping to have it over and done with. no such luck.

well, back to studying for finals. whatever idiot decided that sending out MPRE results during law school finals needs to be shot. that was a terrible idea, as it gives everyone who failed one more thing to get stressed out and unhappy over. isn't there already enough to freak out over because it's finals week??? i didn't need to think about failing and retaking the ethics portion of the bar until after finals!

moral of the story? i'm an unscrupulous bastard, and need to fix this shortcoming by march of next year.


Parad0x said...

The funny thing about tests like is that you often have to lie about how you really feel - which is in itself unethical.

The tests companies give you for pre-employment screenings are questions designed to match your "personality" with their company profile. That means conforming to ethics you may not necessarily hold - or worse, may disagree with.

Marijuana is my example. I like it. I have to pretend I don't.

Anyway, enough of my rant.

Off to load a bowl and finish some exam studyin'.

lawschoolrules said...

sure you did not pass, but at least you had the first non-annoying post on the above the law thread!

That should count for fifteen MPRE scaled points.

nicolle said...

parad0x: the multiple choice questions are the worst case of having to lie about how you feel about a certain issue. often the MPRE doesn't even have a multiple choice answer that conforms to what i'd do under some situation...something that would still fall under the ethical rules as being okay. it really should be an essay test.

LSR: thanks! :D now, if i could only convince the Illinois Bar to agree with you on that matter...