Saturday, December 29, 2007

i just wanted to sell him a pizza for cheaper. that's all i wanted to do.

i loved the tom green show when i was in high school. the show was often gross, usually stupid, and always had me in stitches. if you're not familiar, tom green is a canadian comedian, and the show featured all different sketches that involved him just messing with people: usually random people, although he often featured his parents as well. the show started on cable access, and even though it was picked up by mtv for a couple seasons, it always had a pretty "cable access" feel to it. it was never a slickly produced show--and would not have worked as such. it still felt like him and two of his idiot friends acting like idiots on television--and that was the genius of it.

i was thinking about the show for no reason this morning. lo and behold: my favourite skit from the tom green show is on youtube! this one involves tom green playing the part of a pizza delivery man who is just trying to sell a customer a pizza for cheaper. hilarity ensued:

that had to have been ten years ago...and it still makes me laugh so much.

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