Monday, December 17, 2007

i have my morning show back. hooray!

thank goodness Mike Golic is back.

i watch Mike and Mike in the Morning, on ESPN. the repartee is funny, or so i thought.

last week, Golic was gone all week and it was just Mike Greenberg and whoever they brought in to talk with him. it wasn't the same show. it wasn't nearly as entertaining as it usually fact, it verged on the boring.

this morning Greeny is gone, but Golic is there talking to someone random. the show, however, is good again. it has become pretty clear...i don't like the show for the witty repartee. i like the show for Mike Golic's amusing commentary. it can be Mike and Joe-Off-The-Street for all i care, as long as the correct Mike is in the studio.


lawschoolrules said...

"He's Fat!"
"He's Gay!"

Golic is a dope. How can you like Golic over the Green-Man? You are nuts.

If you are ever going to make it in Chicago, you have to accept Greenie as your one true Mike. He cut his reporting teeth out there back in the day.

nicolle said...

sorry dude. Greeny doesn't make me laugh. Golic does.

maybe it's 'cause i tend toward being a dope. i don't know. i'm not trying to knock on him having cut his teeth in Chicago back in the day...but he's not why i watch the show.