Friday, December 21, 2007

holiday travel is full of fail: part deux.

i'm writing this from an airport bar. needless to say, this means the news is not good.

the afternoon was relaxing. i lounged around on megan's couch, surfed the internet, blogged a bit [okay, a lot...], and got to meet megan's aunt and uncle, who had arrived for the holidays. it was a perfect opportunity to blow off a bit of steam before facing the airport one more time. around 4:20, i said goodbye to megan's family (again!), and we set out on our way.

i'm not big on visualization. i find it to be new-age, oprah winfrey bullshit. but, i caught myself shutting my eyes on the way to the airport and visualizing the board at the united counter: Chicago O'Hare, 5:42 pm, ON TIME. Chicago O'Hare, 5:42 pm, ON TIME.

i got my comeuppance for trying such a moronic tactic.

i walked into the airport, walked over to the united counter: DELAYED. i hoped it was just a short delay...twenty minutes or so. any more than that, and there was no way i was going to be able to make my flight from chicago to st. louis. i should have known better, though: what i hope for on this trip today is never what happens. i talked to the ticketing agents, and got the following bits of news:

  • bad: the plane that we're supposed to take from greenville to chicago won't be landing until 7:30 tonight.
  • worse: air traffic control has held the plane until 9:53 tonight.
  • even worse: i'll miss my connection, and even if i would have made my connection, the flight to st. louis may be cancelled due to mechanical failures.
  • shoot me now: there aren't any open seats on flights to st. louis until sunday, december 23.
so, i was faced with two choices: chancing it in greenville until sunday and then hoping i can get out of here, or flying out to chicago late tonight, staying around there for two days, and then trying to get from there to st. louis on sunday. i chose the second option just for the sheer numbers: there are a lot more flights from chicago to st. louis than there are from greenville to chicago...or really, from greenville to anywhere that lets me then connect to st. louis.

so, there's where my travel saga stands. i'm hanging out in the greenville airport, waiting for a flight to chicago. i'm nursing a beer, eating delectable airport food, and taking advantage of the ever more rare airport amenity: free wireless.

hopefully this flight won't be cancelled, and i'll get to chicago tonight. hopefully i'll get back to st. louis midday on sunday. given the way today is going i should really stop hoping for anything. but, it's about all i have to keep me sane.

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