Thursday, November 29, 2007


today's xkcd had me laughing so hard that i couldn't breathe:

the guy in the black hat has officially transcended hero status. rickrolling is classic. rickrolling rick astley makes you a deity.


Eric said...

wow, I feel lame. I had to look up rickrolling. and I'm still not sure I get the cartoon!

nicolle said...

if you know what rickrolling is, that's really all you need to get. the only xkcd in-joke in the comic is that the guy in the black hat usually does really devious things, often with technology. that's by no means the main joke...the main joke is merely the idea of rickrolling the guy who sings the song with which you do a rickroll. you are likely not missing anything.

i think the reason i find it so hilarious is that i post on a message board that has fairly regularly used rickrolling as a trick. it's probably not all that funny if you haven't hung out on a rickroll-heavy message baord.