Friday, November 23, 2007

*is confused*

i'm mad.

wednesday night i went out to dinner with some friends in chicago, so i missed pushing daisies. i've gotten to really enjoy that show, and i watch it every week now. missing it felt weird. but, i wasn't all that worried, because they put the full episodes on to watch.

i tried watching it this morning--and i can't. i click on the link, and it tells me that the full episodes are only available to viewers in the united states. now, i could understand this error message if i were in canada, mexico, switzerland, antarctica, or any other place that is not the united states.

but, i'm sitting in kevin's living room. kevin's living room is in kevin's apartment. kevin's apartment is in lincoln square. lincoln square is in chicago. chicago is in illinois. illinois, the last time i checked, was in the united states.

either illinois seceded from the union last night while i was sleeping, or there's something going wrong here. i assume illinois didn't secede from the union last night, as there is no mention on the chicago tribune, the new york times, or any other news website of such a drastic action being taken.

(if i am misinformed about all means, leave me a comment telling me so. i can't say i'd be too sad right now about being under the leadership of the Independent Corrupt Republic of Illinois when my other alternative is george w. bush.)

assuming, however, that i am still within the borders of the united states, i do not understand why i can't watch pushing daisies. i was so excited to watch the new episode...and now i'm frustrated that i can't.


Butterflyfish said...

I heart pushing daisies.

(damn foreigner)

nicolle said...



Anonymous said...

"either illinois seceded from the union last night while i was sleeping"

Sometimes I honestly think Chicago is about to do so.