Monday, November 26, 2007

a backstory from dreamworld

so, trent lott is resigning.

it's not clear why yet; a spokesperson is saying he's leaving to pursue "other opportunities." we all know what that means: something hinky is going on, but he's not ready or willing to go public with it.

or maybe, just maybe, he has realised that he is an asshat, and has decided to spare the american people from further asshattery of his. in my fantasy world, this is the case, and he is just too chicken to stay in the senate, live as an open and honest non-asshat, and stand up to the republican leadership.

that's absurd. i know. but...i'll take what i can get, and a senate without trent lott is just a shade better than a senate with trent lott.


Anonymous said...

The asshats in the Senate are the Dems, who by the way have done absolutely nothing but whine during their "majority mandate." In fact, Dems, who love to Bush-hate and point to his low approval rating, should wake the fuck up and see that their approval rating is lower.

Trent Lott moving on is a sad day as one of America's great statesman is moving on.

nicolle said...

i won't deny that the democrats have been doing a lot more whining than action. i've been extremely disappointed with their leadership.

but, that doesn't make Trent Lott any less of a reactionary.

Eric said...

Trent Lott wants out before new lobbying rules go into effect in January 2008. If he quits in '07, he only has to wait one year before he can go to work on K Street for a zillion times his senatorial salary. If he quits in '08, he has to wait two years before he can cash in.

Unfortunately, Haley Barbour, another reactionary asshat and governor of MS, is flouting the state's election law, saying that he intends to appoint a (conservative asshat) successor and not call a special election until next year's general. That's illegal.

Eric said...

Aha, I see what you mean about hanky-panky. I hope it's true. God bless the smut peddler who cares.

nicolle said...

oh yuck. i hope there's someone who can stick it to Barbour if he tries to do that. i'm not optimistic, i never am in these situations, but one can only hope.