Thursday, October 25, 2007

heroblogging again...

T minus just about two days until guitar hero 3 comes out. :D

i'm sixteen songs into hard right now...i knocked out "tattooed love boys", "war pigs", and "cherry pie" this morning before class. war pigs is awesome on hard...i didn't do so well on it first time through, just three stars, but i'm going to feel like such a stud if i can nail it.

i tried going back into it tonight...but flunked out of "who was in my room last night a few times, and my left hand was spasming. it still is...i'm having to replace so many typos in this blog entry.

i won't have hard beaten by sunday...but i want to at least vanquish level 4 by then, so i'll have hard halfway beaten. we'll see how that goes.

i swear, this game is going to give me arthritis. but, it's so amazing.

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