Monday, October 08, 2007



instead of not updating this thing because i don't have anything going i don't update this thing because i've got too much going on. as of last week, the semester magically has shifted from relaxing to overwhelming.

i'm a good week or two behind in all of my classes except for trial.

the debate against the brits is tuesday.

i have an opening statement to give during trial class on wednesday--that i haven't even started formulating.

i have a choir performance friday.

i have a choir performance saturday.

friday and saturday, when i am not at these choir performances, i have to be at SLU for the mock trial tournament.

i have the client counseling competition a week from tonight.

i have my wiley rutledge brief due on wednesday--that my partner and i are trying to get done by monday afternoon, because both of us have such hectic tuesdays.

i wish there was some way i could make myself function with no sleep, no fun, and no mental rest for a week...either that, or magic fairies that helped me get all this stuff done.

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