Sunday, October 14, 2007

heroblogging, etc.

pokerstars has a blogger poker tournament every year...and i'm playing again this year. wish me luck! <3 it's today, it just started...and placing in the money would be very, very shiny.

i'm feeling like such a guitar hero lately...i've been playing that game way too much. i beat guitar hero 1 on medium this morning. i've got a smattering of songs that i still have to go back and five-star, but they're all at least cleared--and i didn't fail out of any the first time through. [not even cowboys from hell...which is just plain HARD.]

i've also made some progress on guitar hero 2, in my quest to five-star everything on medium. i five-starred "hangar 18" on friday, which got me so excited i started screaming. i love that song, and have come so close to five-starring it so many times, that actually doing it just felt GOOD. then, yesterday, i ticked two more off my list: "misirlou" and "yyz". thank goodess i beat "yyz"...i really don't like that song a lot, and now i don't have to play it anymore if i don't want to. that puts me at four songs left i have to five-star on medium: "freebird", "institutionalized", "psychobilly freakout", and "carry me home". i had been stuck at three stars on all of those but freebird (four stars), despite all my trying--but this morning, i finally four-starred "carry me home". that has a lot of weird rhythms and fast passages in it...but i got a lot of them this morning, and i think i'm not too far from being able to pull five stars on it. the other three, however...riiiiight.

i've also been trying to play guitar hero 2 on hard. i've beaten "shout at the devil", "mother", and "surrender"...three stars on each, but at least i made it through them on hard, right? "woman", however...that song is making me tear my hair out. i'll get to 72% or 73% of the song, and then fail out--my judicious use of star power be damned. the verses and chorus are manageable...but the solo in the middle ties my fingers into knots. it's frustrating, too...because on hard, you don't unlock the next level until you have beaten EVERYTHING on the previous level--not like easy or medium, when you unlock the next level when you've beaten only three of them. so...i can't attack "heart shaped box", or anything else on level 2, until i make my fingers work fast enough to play "woman". sigh.

in other news...pearls before swine did another crazy extended pun today, and it makes me happy. :)

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