Sunday, October 28, 2007

i am stricken and can't let you go

my hand is about to fall off.

guitar hero 3 came out last night. i'm trying to beat medium as fast as i can, just so i can unlock all the songs. medium on guitar hero 3 is hard...that perfect kind of hard. it's not quite as hard as the hard level of guitar hero 2, but it's harder than the medium. it's great, because i can practice hammer-ons, pull-offs, and very fast or off-beat passages without having to worry about also doing hand position switches.

i haven't beaten it yet. in three sittings between last night and now, i'm three quarters of the way through. i just unlocked level seven...i was going to finish that white zombie song that i didn't do before the encore on level 6, but then i got distracted and instead used my hands' last strength on something distractingly shiny on level 7: "stricken" by disturbed. i hadn't even realised that song was going to be on there--and that makes me so happy. it's one of my favourite disturbed songs...i like "remember" better, but that's it. and..."stricken" has a really catchy guitar riff.

i've also had some minor distractions from pushing through my career on medium. biggest of all is the distraction we call "minus celsius" by the backyard babies. i'm a little disappointed that it's not one of the level songs, because then more people may possibly pay attention to its all-consuming awesomeness, but it was the first song i unlocked from the store. i've probably played it four or five times already, just for fun...i five-starred it the second time through, but it's just so addictive. it has a great beat, it's singable...i love it. i was also playing some cooperative mode when one of my friends came over. i was a little disappointed when "reptilia" by the strokes came up...because i don't really like them. but, i got proven wrong, at least with respect to guitar hero. that song has a fantastic beat for the game, and the guitar hero part is extremely fun to play. i'm disappointed, though...i can't play it alone, it's one of the few songs that is only playable in the cooperative mode.

(so, if any of you want to come over and help me play "reptilia", i'd be much obliged. also..."sabotage" by the beastie boys is cooperative if you like that song, i'll give you a hand with it if you give me a hand with "reptilia.")

still, though, i've beaten everything on the first try except for the level 5 guitar battle, the one with slash. the level 2 battle with morello was so easy. the one with slash...far harder. it took me three tries to do it. it involved a new skill, strategically saving up and using these battle tokens that trip up the other player. it's an new feature, something that wasn't in any of the older guitar hero games. it's fun, and i can see having a great time with it against friends. still, i don't know about computer guitar battles. it's a good intro to battle mode, but being able to screw up real people and watch them squirm just seems like a lot more fun than playing against a computerized slash. at least i beat that, so i could move on to level 6.

everything else, though, i beat the first time through. they have all been four or five stars except for one song..."kool thing" by sonic youth. whoever decided that this song should go on guitar hero should be given a swift kick in the nuts. it's a terrible song for guitar hero. it doesn't have particularly discernible things like "a beat" or "a guitar riff"...which, in my humble opinion, are rather crucial things for a song in guitar hero to have. this is the only real dud i've hit so far, though...there are some songs i like more than others, of course, but that's the only one that i think is just terrible.

the gameplay is very much like the old ones...except for one extremely obnoxious thing. i don't naturally play the game with the guitar horizontal. i usually hold it tilted up, forty-five degrees or more. it's just more comfortable. problem is, in guitar hero 3, you have to tip the guitar a lot less to turn on star power. that's probably fantastic for all those horizontal-guitar people out there, but it's terrible for me. i'll be playing, and the star power will automatically be tripped by the angle where i naturally hold the guitar to play. i know it's a problem with the game and not with the new wireless guitar--because with my old guitar, the plugged-in one that i got with my guitar hero 2, it does the same thing. that's frustrating...i'm having to change the way i hold the guitar in order to have any hope of strategically deploying my star power.

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