Thursday, October 18, 2007


last night i tried five new songs at karaoke. some of them went well, some of them not so much...but it was so much fun to try new things, and i may adopt a few of them into my regular rotation.

  • "anthem of our dying day" by story of the year: i love the song. i knew it was going to be terrible for my voice; i knew that from my repeated attempts to sing along to it on my iPod while i'm walking down the street. but, i wanted to try it. it was a lot of fun to sing. i doubt i'll ever do it again because it's far too screamy for me to sing well, but i'm glad i just got trying it once out of my system.
  • "before he cheats" by carrie underwood: this song is officially joining my regular rotation. it's fun to sing, it's a crowd pleaser, and i can pull it off.
  • "war pigs" by black sabbath: for a seven and a half minute song, there's so little singing. but, there's a ton of guitar. the few verses there are in it are a lot of fun to sing, and i felt like i could pull it off because the song is a lot more belty than it is screamy. and then...there was air guitar. oh, the air guitar there was. bob (the karaoke guy at novak's) didn't have his inflatable guitar there, the one that he usually brings, but we were air guitaring like crazy! so much fun. i'm not going to adopt this in my regular rotation because there's so little singing in it, but every so often i'm going to resurrect this one because it's pure, self-indulgent fun.
  • "walking in memphis" by marc cohn: i had never done this one...back at blue hill, it was karaoke mike's song.1 it's a song i've loved since i was a kid, though, and it was fun to sing at karaoke. i think i was alright on it...i doubt it's going to be a regular song for me, but i may bust it out every so often.
  • "you oughta know" by alanis morrissette: this was at the end of the night. it was an excuse for a rather drunk girl to scream a lot into the microphone. it wasn't pretty, but it sure was fun. i wasn't even a fan of that song when i was a teenager...but it's a piece of nineties nostalgia, and it really does have its place. i may try that song again when i'm in better voice, when i'm sober.
i should try new karaoke songs more often. last night rocked.

1 for you guys who aren't in st. louis, blue hill is blueberry hill, a bar out near wash u. they used to have karaoke on thursdays, and that was my regular karaoke joint for over a year. (the bar still exists, but does not do karaoke.) there were two guys who ran the karaoke night, who we called karaoke mike and karaoke al. karaoke mike was an amazing singer and an all-around nice guy. karaoke al was an awful singer and the skeeziest guy in town.

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