Tuesday, October 02, 2007

welcome to debate.

i'm getting a little nervous...excited, but nervous.

next tuesday, the British national champion debate team is coming to Wash U. they're going to be debating whether troops need to be withdrawn from Iraq or not, and they will be debating against two students from wash u: a member of the debate team, and me.

this is a little intimidating, i'm not going to lie. i've never done debate before in my life, and i'm going to be debating people who have won a ton of debate titles.

it should be fun though...i'll be practicing, so i don't look too silly. tonight, i'll be debating that issue on WUTV (the closed-circuit campus TV station) against my partner in the debate against the Brits next week. i just found out about that today...i was meeting with my partner, and he was going to be debating someone else, but they could not come. so...he asked if i wanted to step in, and i decided it would be good practice. it feels strangely like jumping right into a really cold pool, even though i'd really rather take my time to acclimate.

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