Monday, October 29, 2007

*shakes fist at devil*

i'm almost done with guitar hero 3 on medium...but not quite. i had one thing that happened that made me feel like a guitar hero, and one thing that made me feel like a guitar zero.

  • guitar hero: i five-starred "one" by metallica the first time i played it. that song is what guitar hero is made for, and apparently i have some kind of aptitude for doing it. i have a feeling that's one of the ones i'm going to go back to and try and do even more accurately, but i feel like a stud for five-starring it the first time through.
  • guitar zero: the guitar battle against lou the devil absolutely killed me. lou was firing battle tokens at me so's not even like the battle with slash, when i got to the end but just couldn't get slash booed off the stage the first few times. i didn't even make it to the end of that guitar battle before i got booed off the stage! i'm going to try again when my wrist isn't absolutely killing me...maybe i'll at least make it to the end. that is hard...far harder than anything else on medium. it's a fitting ending for the game...i just need to be able to put that devil away. that's the last thing i have to do before i have medium beat.
(for the record, the arrangement of "the devil went down to georgia" used in the battle against lou rocks. it's not the original, but it's a fantastic interpretation.)

i promise, i'll stop blogging so much about guitar hero once i have that stupid devil lou beat...besides, i need something else to blog about. i was talking a lot about those amazing jonathan lee riches © suits, but lately justia has not been posting most of them. well...they've been posting the documents composed by the court, things like the orders from the judges dismissing the cases, but not the actual complaints.

that makes me really sad. i look so forward to reading his lawsuits as amusement after a long day of law school, and they're taking that simple pleasure away from me.

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