Tuesday, October 02, 2007


i realise i haven't posted a substantive entry here in some time...and for once, there's stuff going on other than the usual.

this past weekend was a Great Midwestern Adventure. i took the bus up to chicago and hung out with the foof for the afternoon and evening. it was a lot of fun to see him again, and be back in chicago. i hadn't been up there since finishing my job this summer...and even though it was only for eight hours or so, it made me happy.

then, it was back on the bus to the twin cities.

(aside about the bus--my bus from chicago to minneapolis was a DOUBLE DECKER bus. that's right--megabus now has double decker buses! that made me really happy. of course, i sat on the top level of it--why would you sit anywhere else? it's a double decker bus!)

my friend taryn was having her pirate party on saturday night, so i went up for that. i hadn't seen her in a year and a half or so, so it was a lot of fun to see her. :) my bus got in at the crack of dawn...so of course my first order of business when arriving in st. paul was...MORE SLEEP.

that afternoon, it was off to the mall of america. despite the fact that i had been to the twin cities several times before, somehow i had never made it up to the mall of america. it was...a ginormous mall. i saw only a small part of it, as we maybe spent about twenty minutes or so tooling around the mall before going to hooters. but...twenty minutes was still long enough for me to end up buying something. the first store we dropped into was gamestop...and i scored a used copy of guitar hero 1.

after that...time to get ready for the pirate party! we made signs. i wish i had pictures of the signs, because some of them were very silly.

the pirate party was amazing. there are all kinds of crazy pictures...most of which are on facebook. words cannot express the amusement of seeing so many people in pirate hats, pirate rags, pirate bandanas, pirate boots, and all manner of pirate garb. there was rum, there were games, and there was lots of screaming "ARRRR!" and "AVAST!" :D

it was also really funny...we were in the upper room of a bar, but there was another party room downstairs. some people who were there for the birthday party downstairs accidentally came upstairs to the pirate party, and were very confused to see people dressed up like pirates. their confusion amused me a lot.

after that...not too many more stories. i took the bus home. the bus ride was long, and i ditched my morning class yesterday because i didn't get back to st. louis until 5am yesterday. i'm finally feeling like a human being again, though, so that's good.

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