Tuesday, October 16, 2007

blogginating the prisonside

i didn't think you got the internet in prison...but i have a funny feeling i may be wrong in that regard.

the excellent blog dreadnaught keeps track of the hilarious lawsuits that jonathan lee riches © has been filing. it links to a lot of the lawsuits he files. (and...the writer has more patience than i do, since he actually types out the lawsuits he posts, instead of just linking to the .pdf file.)

well...apparently jonathan lee riches © has found that blog. why? because he mentions it in his lawsuit against coke. he claims to have a contract with dreadnaught, but the author has stopped contacting him because of how bad it is that his copyrighted likeness is used to advertise pepsi, a drink that makes him sick.

congratulations, dreadnaught!

i'm reeeeeeeally curious whether you can read blogs in federal prison now. and...if so, i'm wondering if their internet connection is better than the connection i get here at the law school. because, if it is...i'm going to be mad. not mad enough to get myself hauled away to federal prison, mind you...but mad.


yojoe said...

Thanks for the ping. It is strange to see that JLR is reading blogs in prison.

nicolle said...

it really, really is.

and my internet access has been so wonky lately that i'm wondering if his access to blogs in prison may be better than mine on the outside. :P