Monday, October 29, 2007

the rest of the story

despite what you may think, i occasionally did things this weekend that did not involve playing guitar hero.


i ditched the school's halloween party. yeah, it's one of the big events of the fall semester, blah blah blah...but they had it at laclede street bar again, just like last year. that bar is just far too small to accommodate so many people, and last year's party was not fun at all because of that.

instead, i went with some friends to another friend's costume party, and then we went to the city museum. city museum was awesome. i actually had a costume i could climb around in this year...i was a hipster zombie. i had some ripped-up jeans, a ripped-up suit jacket [with hipster band buttons!], and a johnny cash t-shirt on. my hair was spiky, and my face was made up to look really, really scary. another one of my friends dressed like a zombie hunter from resident evil, so i kept trying to eat her brains, but she never let me. :( my other friend who came with us was dressed as a giraffe...but she didn't let me eat her brains, either. sigh. hungry zombie.

the city museum was insane...there were depressingly few people in costumes there, but we didn't care. we were loud, drunk, and goofy. climbing around outside while inebriated is really the best thing ever. [even if everything was all wet and slippery because of the rainstorm...oooooooops.] any of you who have ever been there will remember the really tall wire tunnel outside that arches far above the top of the rest of the outdoor jungle gym. when you're sober, it's fun, but it's also scary, because the thing shakes. when drunk...not scary at all. the shaking is just funny. we climbed through it once...but then one of my friends, the zombie hunter, lost her gun. it was at the apex of that tunnel. so...she and i climbed up again and retrieved it.

after the city museum we went to courtesy diner...which was shiny, as i previously mentioned. we ate greasy diner food, sang loudly with the jukebox, and probably annoyed everyone in the restaurant.

the next day we all dressed up again. we went to dinner at the drunken fish, and then to the outdoor halloween party in the central west end. we weren't there for long, was just so crowded, and it didn't feel like much more than a ton of people standing in the street. was, of course, dave and buster's time. sadly, there's no "thriller" dance on the pump it up machine...but it was still a blast dancing around dressed like a zombie.


i went to my first professional football game ever yesterday. my friend's mock trial coach gave her two tickets to the rams game...and man, they were amazing tickets. we were on the bottom level, maybe twenty or thirty yards from the field, and we could see everything. i've had worse seats at high school games. the view was awesome.

the game, however...less so. the first quarter was nice, the rams scored two quick touchdowns to take a quick 14-0 lead. then, they just decided to stop playing football. they were doing pretty well...but then started to betray that they were an 0-7 team that had given up on their season. no one taught their linebackers how to cover a receiver, and no one ever taught marc bulger that every pass should not be a long bomb. it was ugly. they were up 14-0 so early...and managed to lose 27-20.

the team wasn't the only depressing thing. the crowd was, as well. in the fourth quarter, with two minutes to go, the browns got the ball. it was a seven-point game with two minutes to go, and throngs of people LEFT! i won't even leave a blowout early, but a seven point game with two minutes to go? what was up with them? the rams did actually manage to get the ball back with a minute and a half or so to go. of course, they booched it, and threw an interception with about twenty seconds to go (ON A FIRST AND FIVE, BULGER TRIED TO THROW A LONG BOMB WITH A RECEIVER WIDE OPEN ABOUT FIVE OR SEVEN YARDS AWAY! I WANTED TO SMACK HIM!). but, the fact that they didn't convert isn't the point here. the point is that i don't even purport to be a rams fan, and i stayed for the entire game to cheer them on. throngs of people dressed head to toe in rams gear were leaving a seven-point game with two minutes to go.

and really, that's even more embarrassing than the terrible football the team were playing. have they ever heard of supporting a team even when they're having a hard time?

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