Sunday, October 21, 2007


the bad news is that the internet card on my computer has gone down like candy the five-dollar whore,1 and my computer is pretty much useless until i can take it in to get it fixed.

the good news is...well, everything else. being in chicago this week has been fantastic. i've done my share of partying, between mocktoberfest on friday night and the big birthday party last night. mocktoberfest rocked, because i got to meet some of the new faces in the u(c) mock trial programme, and see the people who have been on the team for a while--all the people i coached back in '04-'05 as first-years are now fourth-years! [crazy!] the birthday party last night was also a ton of fun...there were silly games, lots of fun conversation, some friends, and some new people there. my days i've spent running around town, seeing more of my friends, and just enjoying the fact that i'm back here for a few days.

i'm in a far better mood right now that i've been in a long time. i feel relaxed and happy.

1 if you don't get this seriously need to play the card game "let's kill."

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