Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!!! well...and carry me home, too.

as of right now, i have five-starred everything on medium, on guitar hero 2.

i got home from class, and did freebird. i five-starred it.

i was going to post about that here...and i decided nah, i'd give carry me home a shot, just in case i could do it.

and i could. and did.

time to buy the viking--because really, what can be more shiny than a guitar that looks like a big viking head?

well, maybe a guitar that looks like a log, but i seriously doubt i'll be getting that in the near future. i'm basking in this for now. :D


p.s...screw basking. i finished typing this, and decided that playing only two songs, however well, was not enough guitar hero. i was a few hundred bucks short of being able to buy that shiny viking-head guitar i had just unlocked, and since i had five-starred everything on medium, i really only had one way to raise that last few hundred bucks--start beating stuff on hard.

the only problem with that was the fact that i still had to beat "woman" in order to get any more songs, and i had never gotten past 75% on that song.

it fell on my first try today. only three stars, of course, but it fell.

and then "tonight i'm going to rock you tonight" fell the first time through.

and then "heart shaped box" fell the first time through.

and then i had enough to buy the viking.

my hand is about to fall off, but i did it.

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