Saturday, October 13, 2007

...not to even mention moot court

arrrghhh. so busy. i've read so many cases about sentencing that my brain is about to start leaking out my ears. i sang in my first choir concert of the year last night, despite the fact that i'm sick. i sang as well as i could, though, and my voice didn't crack too much...or too audibly...i think...i hope. i've got another performance with the choir in half an hour, singing the national anthem at the football game. [i'm in worse voice today than i was yesterday.]

then, it's back to the slu mock trial tournament. it started yesterday...i saw round 1 before i had to go back to wash u for the choir performance. i watched one of the ole miss teams...i was so happy i wasn't needed to judge, because they were very shiny. :) maybe i'm a little biased--but at the rate they're going, i've got a funny feeling that they will be booking trips to minneapolis come april.

i hope i get to see the other squad that's here when i go to round 4 this afternoon.

alright, time to head out to sing. i'll leave you with an xkcd that's funny...and so darn true.

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Mad Jurist said...

You just don't understand.