Friday, September 21, 2007

if i could think right now, i'd write more.

thank goodness it's friday. i'm really not sure what i'm doing this weekend other than going to happy hour and singing karaoke tonight.

i'm watching mtv because there's nothing else on. somehow, they are actually playing a music video. the song isn't bad..."holy diver" by killswitch engage. it has a really sweet guitar riff at the end. but, the video is so stupid. the lead singer is dressed like a medieval blacksmith who is really pissed off at someone, and someone else in the band is running around dressed up like a knight and carrying a torch. there's another dude dressed like a wizard and caskinga "spell" that really just looks like sooty black smoke. it's so cheesy. i still love music, but every time i turn on a music video i am reminded that i have probably outgrown music videos.


behold a rather erudite document in which respected constitutional scholar jonathan lee riches © explains to us why the way we cite statutes reflects o.j. simpson's evil plan to ruin said constitutional scholar's life.

he has also filed a document about a strange family of actual, alleged, and fictional killers. strangely enough, there's not only the actual complaint, but a strange cover sheet which looks very much aimed at screening cases for "lawsuit-reform" purposes.

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