Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hi, o.j.!

so, sue-perman (a.k.a. jonathan lee riches ©) filed two different lawsuits against o.j. simpson today.

one of them was in florida. it included the rather special line:

board up your windows. load up on carbs. 'cause o.j. simpson is coming to town. he sees you when you're sleeping. he knows when you're awake.

it's like a demented holiday song!

he also sued o.j. in south carolina. of course, he made completely different allegations in south carolina than he did in florida.


Paquito said...

I think that guy it's dangerous...

I follow your blog and I think 30% of your entries are lawsuits from JLR(c)...

I think he has a looooooooooot of free time and a lot of imagination too :-)))

Regards from Spain,


lawschoolrules said...

That guy it's totally dangerous. He it's so dangerous, that Tim McVeigh has't nothing on him.

I do not know if paquito knows this, but prisons in America are not designed for rehabilitation. We lock people away, cut them off, and later force them back into a society they do not understand (or want to understand), so that they commit another crime, a crime, which hopefully is capital, so we can fry their ass.

America Rules, Spain drools.

yojoe said...

If paquito worries about your site being 30% JLR, then Dreadnaught should be shut down. The JLR keeps coming up with the most incredible claims and lawsuits, he is addictive. It is not possible to predict who he will sue or what he will claim. The JLR is an enigma wrapped around a riddle. . . something, something. Just enjoy him.