Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weirdness. i love it.

okay, this overheard in chicago post makes me happy.

Girl: (on cell) "Hey Robbie. What do you need help with? They're stuck where? Well pull them out. They can't be stuck that bad. How did you get them in there? No it's not funny. They're probably going to be a mess when you get them out of that thing. I'm not coming over to help you, I have to get to class. Pull them out and I'll check on them later. Bye."

Girl: (to friend) "That was Robbie. He put his geckos in the orange juice container and now they won't come out. He's such a dipshit."

- Blue Line

seriously, i was laughing so hard i was crying. it made my day.

and who puts a gecko in an orange juice container???? seriously! people are weird...and stupid. weird and stupid.

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lawschoolrules said...

Well, I once put a gecko in my . . ., oh wait, that was a gerbil. Nevermind.