Friday, September 14, 2007

*asserts legal rights*

i'm sure most of you have heard my rants about my sketchball landlord from this summer.

well, i moved out over a month ago, and i still haven't seen a penny of my security deposit back. i'd really like to see my security deposit again. it was $500, a month's rent...and i can buy a lot of fun things for $500. also, i'd rather my $500 be in my hands than in the hands of a psychotic jackass. if that's not unjust enrichment, i don't know what is.

i looked up the chicago municipal code provisions on security deposits, and it looks like mister sketchball is starting to run out of time. he has forty-five days from the day i moved out to give me my money back. that means...if i don't have that money by september 23rd, or i don't have an itemized list of repairs he had to make for things other than normal wear and tear, then i can recover damages of twice the security deposit plus interest.

so, today, i'm writing jackass landlord a nice little letter. i'm being as tactful as possible--while still clearly threatening him with a lawsuit if i don't have that money or an explanation by the 24th of september:

Dear asshat:

I lived in the back room of your 1st Floor apartment this summer. I moved out of the apartment on August 9, 2007. The day I moved out I returned my key, and left with it my address in St. Louis where you could return my $500 security deposit.

It has been over a month, and I have neither received my security deposit back or been informed of any reason that I would not receive my security deposit back. Under Chicago Municipal Code §5-12-080(d), you have forty-five days after the day I move out to return my security deposit to me. That means I must have my security deposit back by September 23, 2007. If I do not receive it by then, I reserve the right under §5-12-080(g) of the Chicago Municipal Code to recover damages in court of twice the security deposit plus interest.

Under the same section of code, if you withhold any portion of that security deposit, you must mail me an itemized list of damages other than normal wear and tear, which is excluded from damages that may be deducted. You must also mail me copies of receipts when any necessary repair work is actually done, to verify that the estimates in the initial itemized list were what was actually spent to fix it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I am looking forward to it being taken care of promptly.


the persecuted crack smoker

hopefully this elicits a response.


Eric said...

Delicious. What do you call that little squiggle thing you put before the code citation, and where do you get it? I needed that for the letter to my new landlord listing all the repairs that needed to be made.

nicolle said...

the squiggle...i don't know its official name, but i know it means section. you can get it from the character map, in system tools. (or, i think you can also get it in word, in the "insert" menu under "symbol".)