Wednesday, September 19, 2007

if i could only get my trial prof to tell us to mime "gay" to the jury...

i was in advanced trial class this afternoon, and the professor was giving us feedback on our jury selection questioning exercise last week. he was remarking that i talk way too much with my hands. that was true.

he then starts to talk about the fact that it's okay to use your hands to point out really major things that you are saying. he tells us that it is not okay, of course, to point at people in the jury box while you are talking. he then suggested a hand gesture.

he put his hand in a fist, put his thumb on top, with the tip pointed up just a bit, and bounced it up and down purposefully.

of course, all i wanted to do was make the "large, loud, boisterous, gay attorney" gestures. i didn't. but, i did start giggling in class. i'm sure everyone else was confused...but it made sense to me.

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